Families in 1850 Census, Davie Co. NC

0420KELLER, Christopher 43Eliza 30KERFEES, Elizabeth about 1831, Rowan Co.
0578KELLER, Henry 50Susannah 51SMITH, SusannahRowan Co. NC 1821
0436KELLER, Isaac 55a widower, wife's name unknown
0909KELLER, Jacob 28Penelope 16MERONEY, PenelopeDavie Co. NC 1849
0406KELLER, John 37Catharine 34HELLARD, CatherineRowan Co. NC 1837
0840KELLER, John 74widower; m. 1) 1798 Rose Walker, 2) 1817 Mary Bare
0847KELLER, John D. 26Rebecca 24LEACH, Rebecca E.Davie Co. NC 1849
0421KELLER, Joseph 25Mehetabel 21KELLER, MehetabelDavie Co. NC 1846
0441KELLER, Uriah 35Mary 30HANELINE, Maryby 1841
0458KELLY, Sarah A. 43GAITHER, Sarah??Rowan Co. NC 1827??
0551KELSEY, Jacob 45
0171KEMP, Mary 38
0710KENT, Ferebe 42 (female)
0815KENT, William 40Eliza 28
0179KING, James 36Prudence 34CLARK, PrudenceDavie Co. NC 1849*
0203KING, Thomas 38Mary 30WHITAKER, MaryDavie Co. NC 1837
0289KING, Wilie 30Elvina 32HELTON, ElviraDavie Co. NC 1838
0176KINNICK, George 67Hannah 55GRIMES, HAnnahby 1826
0074KINYOUN, James 46Mary 48HENDRICKS, Maryby 1828
1019KNOX, Jane C. 37BURKE, JaneRowan Co. NC 1830
0851KURFEES, Caleb 30Mary 23?LEACH, MaryDavie Co. NC 1837
0848KURFEES, Caleb 64(RENSHAW, Catherine)1815
0607KURFEES, Martin 33Hannah 26PENRY, Hannahby 1840


* probably second marriage for one or both partners

Household 751, Caleb KERFOOSE (KURFEES) 30 and Mary 23. Six children, ranging from 11 years to 3 months. Mary is too young to be the mother of most of them. Since there's a marriage bond for Caleb and Mary Leach in 1837, I suspect the ages are simply off for her and possibly also for him.

Household 848, Caleb KURFEES Sr. married 1) Catherine FRIEZE in 1810, and 2) Catherine RENSHAW in 1815.

Household 203, Thomas KING 38 and Mary 30. Scott Todd informs us that Thomas King's first wife was Mary JONES, married Rowan Co. NC 1829.

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