Families in 1850 Census, Davie Co. NC

0597LAIRD, George W. 35Anna 33GULLET, AnneDavie Co. NC 1837
0630LAIRD, Margaret 50by 1822?
0550LANE, Caleb 30Elizabeth 27REX, ElizabethRowan Co. NC 1843
0820LANE, William D. 33Sarah 31HILLARD, SarahDavie Co. NC 1838
0443LAPISH, George 30Elizabeth 30SHIVES, ElizabethDavie Co. NC 1845
0897LATHAM, James 43Cassey 42WELLMAN, CaseyRowan Co. NC 1828
0256LATHAM, Maria 30IJAMES, Maria/MaryRowan Co. NC 1832
0411LATHAM, Samuel 30Patience 28KELLER, PatienceDavie Co. NC 1842
0850LEACH, Mary 38by 1832?
0852LEACH, Nancy 70LOVELACE, NancyRowan Co. NC 1794
0424LEACH, Zadock 33Malvina 31CAISEY, Malvinaby 1838
0511LECKIE, John W. 43Sarah 27by 1848?*
0185LEE, Edward 47
0767LEE, Frances 58by 1830?
0831LEFLER, John 29Sarah 24LOCKE, SarahDavie Co. NC 1845
0651LENEAR, Isaiah 25Charlotte 20by 1846
0482LESLIE, Levi A. 31Lucinda 30HUGHES, LucindaDavie Co. NC 1843
0488LILLINGTON, John A. 30Elizabeth 23by 1844
0618LINN, Mary 31by 1845
0770LINSTER, Mary 44by 1834?
0778LITTLE, Mathias 39Leah 24
0991LITTLE, Thomas 25Catherine 21
0773LIVINGOOD, John 46Catherine 41by 1834
0468LOCKE, George A. 30Sarah 29ANDERSON, Sarah?Rowan Co. NC 1845?
0332LONG, Judith 40OAKES, Judith?Rowan Co. NC 1829?
0174LONGWITH, Susannah 60THOMAS, Susannah?Rowan Co. NC 1828?
0156LOWRY, George 62Mary 60ARILE, Mary?Rowan Co. NC 1808?
0092LUNN, John 37Sarah 38by 1838
0363LYON, Joel 50Nancy 39by 1839


Household 820, William D. LANE. Marriage bond is for Douglas William Lane.

Household 511, John W. LECKIE 43, with Sarah 27, and 5 children ranging from 17 to 1. Since the older children can't be Sarah's, I suspect she is a second wife, and probably mother of only the youngest child, Virginia age 1.

Household 185, Edward LEE. Living with him are four younger LEEs, ages 25 to 10. Is he the Edward LEE who married Patsy JONES in 1823, Rowan County?

Household 778, Mathias LITTLE 39 and Leah 24; children ages 14-2. Leah is too young to be the mother of the older ones, but too old to be daughter of Mathias.

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