Families in 1850 Census, Davie Co. NC

0225PARISH, Thomas 50Elizabeth 46
0839PARKER, Elizabeth 48by 1821?
0934PARKER, Ransom 33Mildred 32by 1838
1008PARKER, Reuben L. 26Martha 26MARLOW, MarthaDavie Co. NC 1845
0585PARKER, Shelby G. 49Roena 32by 1834?
1009PARKER, Thomas 68Nancy 68
0660PARKS, Mack 33Sally 33MICHAEL, SarahDavidson Co. NC 1839
0688PARKS, William 29Tabitha 24?McCRARY, TabithaDavidson Co. NC 1841
0519PARNELL, Benjamin 21Susannah 24HUDSON, Susanna E.Davie Co. NC 1847
0499PEARCE, Tiglman 25Eliza 31
0514PEARSON, Elizabeth 37ELLIS, Elizabeth1830
0485PEARSON, Elizabeth M. 64CAIN, Elizabeth?
0729PECK, John 36Aurena 25by 1844
0722PECK, Richard 47Martha 30
0350PEEBLES, Elizabeth 44by 1832
0211PENRY, James 39Mary 37CLARY, Mary?by 1840
0431PENRY, James 42Cassiah (Keziah?) 41MARLIN, Keziah D.?Rowan Co. NC 1830
0863PENRY, James 70Hannah 71BOONE, HannahRowan Co. NC ca. 1800
0860PENRY, Joel 29Ursula 29DWIGGINS, UrsulaDavie Co. NC 1848
0709PENRY, John 45Susannah 42SMITH, SusanRowan Co. NC 1827
0189PERRY, Susannah 55CLARK, Susannah?by 1826
0159 PERRY, William H. 31Mary 26FULFORD, MaryDavie Co. NC 1843
0342PHELPS, Abingdon 23Nancy 19ORRELL, NancyDavie Co. NC 1849
0802PHELPS, Ezekiel 33Aurena 22THOMPSON, IrenaDavie Co. NC 1849
0327PHELPS, Hiram 51Comfort 63CHAFFIN, ComfortRowan Co. NC 1822
0341PHELPS, Jacob 30Ailcy 30MILLER, AliceDavie Co. NC 1841*
0330PHILIPS, Francis M. 24Jane 36[OAKES], Jane?*
1014PHILIPS, Susannah 65
0473PICKLER, Anderson F. 32Catherine 30WILSON, ChareneDavie Co. NC 1841
0769PICKLER, William 35Elizabeth 34by 1842
0811PICKLER, William 35Elizabeth 28by 1843
0658POTTS, Daniel 25Elizabeth 19ORRELL, ElizabethDavie Co. NC 1850
0351POTTS, Elizabeth 55by 1831
0302POTTS, Hendley 52Rachel 49by 1828
0358POTTS, Jeremiah 48Mary 53by 1827
0792POTTS, John 26Isabella 19SUTTON, IsabellaDavie Co. NC 1847
0329POTTS, Sally 42
0731POTTS, William 45Sarah 35by 1832
0570POWELL, Forest L. 34
0929POWELL, Wyatt 27Elizabeth 22CAIN, ElizabethDavie Co. NC 1844
0494PRICHARD, Joseph P. 44Elizabeth 37by 1832

0545QUEEN, Mitchell 31Mehetabel 31ROGERS, Hella?Davie Co. NC 1847?
0656QUEEN, William 23Malinda 22MASON, MelindaDavie Co. NC 1847


[ ] indicates surname probably from previous marriage, not maiden name

* probably second marriage for one or both partners

Household 330, Francis PHILIPS 24, with Jane PHILIPS 36 and Sarah PHILIPS 2. With them are also John and James OAKES, ages 15 and 12 respectively. Are these Jane's children from a previous marriage?

Households 769 and 811, both William PICKLER age 35, each with a wife Elizabeth. There is a marriage bond in Davie County in 1839 for William PICKLER and Elizabeth WILSON. Which couple is this? Or is this simply a duplication in the census records?

Household 570, Forest L. POWELL. His middle initial appears in some records as L., some as S. There is a Davie County marriage bond in 1848 for Forest Powell and Margaret BECK. However, Margaret Beck age 23 is living with her parents Freeland and Sarah Beck in 1850, apparently unmarried. Did this marriage not take place? Forest was a widower in 1850. His three children from his first marriage are living with Garland and Sarah ANDERSON.

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