Families in 1850 Census, Davie Co. NC

0433RATLEDGE, Gilliam 37
0866RATLEDGE, Lorenzo 18Elizabeth 21SMITH, Elizabeth E.Davie Co. NC 1850
0501RATLEDGE, Mary 34BUIS or BIESE, MaryDavie Co. NC 1837
0925REAVIS, Jesse 43Mary 38GARMAN, MarySurry Co. NC 1830
0197REAVIS, John 45Edith 40BECK, EdithRowan Co. NC 1824
0221REAVIS, Mary 58by 1832
0220REAVIS, Samuel 24FrancesOWEN, Frances??by 1849
0223REAVIS, Samuel 50Nancy 52CAIN, Nancyby 1840
0248REAVIS, William 25Elizabeth 29NASH, ElizabethDavie Co. NC 1846
0670REDWINE, John 23Elizabeth 23BAILEY, ElizabethDavie Co. NC 1850
0504REYNOLDS, Hugh 40Jane 41by 1835
0077RIBELIN, Jacob L.Mary 20FOSTER, Mary S.Davie Co. NC 1848
0503RICE, Jane 48by 1829
0032RICE, Joseph W. 43Carmila 36DOUTHIT, Camillaby 1834
0114RICH, David R. 29Sarah 21STEELMAN, SarahSurry Co. NC 1846
0014RICH, Isaac N. 42Catherine 30EATON, Catherine1834
0047RICH, John 68Nancy 59UPTEGROVE, NancyRowan Co. NC 1808
0312RICH, Joseph 39Sarah 48OAKES, Sarahby 1837
0902RICHARDS, M.G. 43Mary 38SMITH, Mary*
0241RICHARDS, Wilson J. 32Nancy 33BECK, NancyDavie Co. NC 1842
0239RICHARDSON, Adisson M. 25Sarah 24BLAYLOCK, Sarah J.Davie Co. NC 1842
0020RICHARDSON, David C. 32Mary 26RAGSDALE, Mary B.Davie Co. NC 1841
0942RICHARDSON, Nancy 60by 1835?
0892RICHARDSON, William 47Parthena 52by 1833
0129RIDDLE, Thomas C. 24
0885RILEY, Elizabeth 62ETCHISON, ElizabethRowan Co. NC 1826
0292RILEY, Mary 55by 1829?
0548ROBERDS, Mary 51by 1826
0563RODGERS, Bennit 52Dreusy 48BURGESS, DrucillaRowan Co. NC 1827
0317ROMINGER, Catharine 59VOLCK, Catharina
0051RONCH, Samuel G. 32Mary 33JAMES, Mary AnnDavie Co. NC 1842
0537ROSE, L.(Littlebury) R. 68Elizabeth 61WELLMAN, Elizabethby 1820
0538ROSE, Robert 28Cassandra 22BOOE, CassandraDavie Co. NC 1848
0456ROSE, Samuel 36Mary 21HAINES, Mary E.Davidson Co. NC 1849
0580ROSE, Wilson 41Mehida 40SAIN, Mahitha?by 1836
0510ROSEBRUGH, Samuel 32 0Martha 25GAITHER, Matilda W.Davie Co. NC 1840*
0967RUDASILL, John 26Lamira 25
0986RUSSELL, Jane 45
0975RUSSELL, Theophilus 34Elizabeth 24SHIVES, ElizabethDavie Co. NC 1846
0304RUSSELL, William H. 29Nancy 29by 1849
0498RUSSELL, William 25Lucinda 22by 1836
0002RUTH, Edward 56


* probably second marriage for one or both partners

Household 902, M.G. and Mary RICHARDS. With them are two PENERY children, ages 15 and 13, and William COON age 10.

Household 975, Theophilus RUSSELL. Did he also marry Leah HOUSE in 1838?

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