Families in 1850 Census, Davie Co. NC

0445SAFRET, Daniel 52Sally 51DAYWALT, SarahCabarrus Co. NC 1819
0426SAIN, Albert T. 25Sarah 24SAIN, Sarah E.Davie Co. NC 1849
0711SAIN, Cheshire 29Mary 27BOOE, MaryDavie Co. NC 1840
0604SAIN, Edmund 37Rebecca 25LINN, Rebecca1st by 1838*
0713SAIN, George 47Lucinda 44CHESHIRE, Lucinda?Rowan Co. NC 1824?
1026SAIN, Giles 26Lydia 34TAYLOR, LydiaDavie Co. NC 1844
0712SAIN, Jacob 62(WELLMAN, Elizabeth)
0714SAIN, John 53Nancy 34McCARTER, NancyDavie Co. NC 1840
0534SAIN, Nimrod B. 21
0965SANFORD, Mary C. 47[GRIFFIN], Mary
0013SAUNDERS, John 28Elizabeth 20by 1849
0217SAUNDERS, Mary 39
0039SAUNDERS, Sarah 60SHEEK, Sarah
0038SAUNDERS, William 40Nancy 23
0493SCOTT, William 29Minerva 23by 1845
0865SEAFORD, John 29Sarah 29LEACH, SarahDavie Co. NC 1847
0784SEAFORD, Philip 52Elizabeth 52PHILLIPS, ElizabethDavie Co. NC 1848
0576SEAFORD, Simeon 33Eliza 33SMITH, ElizaDavie Co. NC 1841
0781SEAFORD, Solomon 38Mary 38PEALOR, MaryRowan Co. NC 1834
1018SEAMONT, Daniel 32Mary 20PENCE, MaryDavie Co. NC 1850
0988SEAMONT, James 33
0396SEAMONT, John 48Mary 48by 1829
0846SEAMONT, John C. 33Francy 36by 1844
0386SEAMONT, Peter 55Elizabeth 37[PHILLIPS], ElizabethDavie Co. NC 1848*
0450SEGRAVES, Jacob 47Susannah 50TENNISON, SusannahRowan Co. NC 1824
1017SETZER, Andrew 48Temperance 33STONESTREET, TemperanceDavie Co. NC 1849*
0169SHADDOCK, Scion 52Syddia? 46by 1824
0819SHARP, Daniel W. 40Barbary 31by 1837
0993SHARP, Mary A. 54BRANDON, Mary AnnRowan Co. NC 1819
0128SHEEK, Daniel 27Ann 33BERRYMAN, AnnfieldDavie Co. NC 1846*
0182SHEEK, George 62Elizabeth 43[CARVER], ElizabethDavie Co. NC 1848*
0383SHEEK, Jacob 54Sarah 59SAIN, SarahRowan Co. NC 1817
0037SHEEK, James W. 24Hannah 22by 1849
0122SHEEK, John 33Sarah 30KINNICK, Sarahby 1841
0041SHEEK, John 60Winney 50HARRISON, WinneyRowan Co. NC 1829
0121SHEEK, Richmond 30Sarah 20RIDDLE, Sarah E.Davie Co. NC 1844
0539SHEETS, David J. 35Minerva 30HOWARD, MinervaDavie Co. NC 1837
0464SHEETS, Jacob 40(WALKER< Elizabeth)Rowan Co. NC 1835
0319SHEETS, William 33Paulina 31ROMINGER, PaulinaDavie Co. NC 1838
0137SHELTON, Hanes W. 33Laura 28HASKINS, Laura AnnDAvie Co. NC 1841
0072SHELTON, Henry R. 29Elizabeth 25HOWELL, ElizabethDavie Co. NC 1844
0437SHIVES, Daniel 36Jane 33by 1835
0438SHIVES, John 21
0985SHIVES, Joseph 45Cornelia 35DAVAULT, CorneliaDavie Co. NC 1845
0337SIDDON, George W. 26
0359SIDDON, William 26Nancy 18LENONE, NancyDavie Co. NC 1850
0230SIMMONS, Jeremiah 57Sarah 46by 1835
0070SIMMS, John 33Catharine 34by 1838
0908SLOAN, Caleb 60Anna 60SLOAN, AnnRowan Co. NC 1816
0907SLOAN, Joseph 26Deborah 21HUDSON, DeborahDavie Co. NC 1849
0906SLOAN, Samuel 32 Jane 43[BROGDON], JaneDavie Co. NC 1848*
0816SMART, Edward 48(HENDRICKS, Lisha)Rowan Co. NC 1825
0044SMITH, Anderson W. 30Mary 28KERBY, MaryDavie Co. NC 1840
0543SMITH, Andrew 43Sarah 36SMITH, Sarahby 1835
0107SMITH, Christopher 48Frances 47by 1831
0936SMITH, Elijah 35Elizabeth 29by 1844
0389SMITH, Holden 37Nancy 36EATON, NancyDavie Co. NC 1842
0095SMITH, James K. 36Mary 33HOWARD, Maryby 1838
0096SMITH, Jane 66GATES, JaneRowan Co. NC 1797
0428SMITH, John 36
0899SMITH, John ("of Ijames") 51Lydia 44HOLMAN, LydiaDavie Co. NC 1847*
0003SMITH, John S. 28Elvira 25KIRBEY, ElviraDavie Co. NC? 1848
0294SMITH, John W. 35Sarah 25BEAUCHAMP, SarahRowan Co.? 1836
0131SMITH, Jonathan 30
0207SMITH, Levi G. 33Sarah 19 NADING, Sarah L.by 1849
0274SMITH, Rhoda 38ELLIS, Rhodaby 1834
0130SMITH, Samuel 27Jane 26BEEDING, JaneDavie Co. NC 1845
0101SMITH, Seamont 39Mary 38by 1832
0040SMITH, Thomas A. 27Elizabeth 24BAILEY, ElizabethDavie Co. NC 1844
0617SMITH, William 29Ann 21by 1848
0868SMOOT, Eliphalet 39Mary 24HOLMAN, Mary C.Davie Co. NC 1846
0858SMOOT, Jacob 38Matilda 33TUTTEROW, MatildaDavie Co. NC 1837
0026SMOOT, Samuel J. 52Rebecca 30CARTNER, RebeccaDavie Co. NC 1849*
0980SMOOT, Temperance 40NEELY, Temperance?Rowan Co. NC 1828?
0861SMOOT, Thomas 23Mary 26BOGER, Mary AnnDavie Co. NC 1846
0425SMOOT, William 24?Elizabeth 33GRAVES, ElizabethDavie Co. NC 1840
0364SNIDER, Henry D. 29Mary 24SHEETS, MaryDavie Co. NC 1844
0365SNIDER, Prudence 60by 1819
0331SOUTHERLAND, James 33Henrietta 28
0314SPARKS, Martha E. 51HANES, Martha E.by 1828
0798SPRY, Catherine 80by 1810?
0535SPRY, Chivans 29Catherine 36FOSTER, CatherineDavie Co. NC 1848
0444SPRY, Daniel 31 Ann 22BARNEYCASTLE, AnnaDavie Co. NC 1847
0633SPRY, Elizabeth 65by 1820?
0582SPRY, Enoch 37(REED, Eliza)
0632SPRY, James 60Elizabeth 50WOOD, Elizabeth?Rowan Co. NC 1818?
0717SPRY, John 36Elizabeth 37JONES, Elizabeth?Rowan Co. NC 1829?
0742SPRY, Lemuel 35Elizabeth 35*
0797SPRY, William 32Elizabeth 35BUTLER, ElizabethDavie Co. NC 1849*
0595STANLY, Anderson F. 23Elmina 21OWENS, AlmisaDavie Co. NC 1848
0900STANLY, Nathan 49Hannah 49HALL, Hannahby 1827
0324STARR, Matthew 35Emily 26
0068STEELMAN, William 22Adaline 15
0649STEWART, Archibald H. 30Jane 31PACK, Janeby 1845
0661STEWART, Johanna 48POTTS, JohannaRowan Co. NC 1814
0659STEWART, John G. 26
0728STEWART, Samuel 55Rebecca 45SPRY, RebeccaDavie Co. NC 1838*
0762STOKER, William 39Louisa 29HENDRIX, Louisa M.Davie Co. NC 1840
0890STONESTREET, Nancy 55by 1826?
0417 STONESTREET, Welborne 36Sarah 35IJAMES, SarahRowan Co. NC 1832
0971STROUD, Greenbury 37Mahala 46by 1833
0972STROUD, John 40Elenor 41LEACH, EleanorRowan Co. NC 1830
0995STROUD, Silas 30Susannah 34DYSON, SusannaDavie Co. NC 1850*
0706SUMMERS, John 20Mary 20by 1848
0919SWATHLANDER, Elizabeth 36 RENNIGER, ElizabethRowan Co. NC, 1828
0969SWISHER, Mathias 49Mary 44CLODFELTER, MaryRowan Co. NC 1822


[ ] indicates surname probably from previous marriage, not maiden name

* probably second marriage for one or both partners

Household 965, Mary SANFORD. She was the widow of 1) William GRIFFIN and 2) Amos SANFORD. What was her maiden name?

Household 703, Samuel SAYLOR. Tony Collier and I think that this is probably an error, and should be Samuel Wells NAYLOR, who married Mehetabel ROSE in 1831.

Household 131, Jonathan SMITH. He appears to be unmarried but head of household at age 30. With him are Thomas and Nancy Smith, ages 68 and 65 respectively, and six younger SMITHs, ranging in age from 25 to 14. Presumably Thomas and Nancy are the parents, and Jonathan and the others are their children.

Household 899, John SMITH. Lydia's maiden name was HOLMAN, but she was the widow of Thomas RATLEDGE when she married John Smith in 1847.

Household 26, Samuel SMOOT and Rebecca. Samuel married Nancy CARTNER in Davie County in 1838. After Nancy's death, he married her younger sister.

Household 425, William SMOOT and Elizabeth. There's a marriage for William SMOOT and Elizabeth GRAVES in Davie County in 1840, but this is too soon if William is really only 24 in 1850. I suspect this is an error in the age given in the census.

Household 535, Chivans SPRY 29 with Catharine 36. With them are four GRAVES children, ages 14 to 7. Are they hers from a previous marriage?

Household 742, Lemuel and Elizabeth SPRY, both age 35. Three GREECES children with them, ages 7, 9 and 6, listed in that order. Hers by a previous marriage?

Household 797, William and Elizabeth SPRY. With them are four BUTLER children, ages 12-7. They appear to be hers from a previous marriage.

Household 919, Elizabeth SWATHLANDER; wife of William Philip SWARTZLANDER, who was absent in 1850 but back home by 1860. Thanks to GerriAnn Lockman for this information.

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