Families in 1850 Census, Davie Co. NC

0611TACKET, Samuel 35Nancy 26GIBSON, NancyDavie Co. NC 1840
0429TACKET, William 41Sally 37HALL, SarahDavie Co. NC 1839
0557TALLY, Daniel 69Sicely 46LEWIS, CeliaSurry Co. NC 1830
0019TALLY, Wilie 34Mary 27BECK, MaryDavie Co. NC 1838
0771TATUM, Jesse 73OWENS/OWINGS, LeahRowan Co. NC 1810
0639TAYLOR, Almon 37Martha 35HOWARD, MarthaRowan Co. NC 1834
0262TAYLOR, John 35Henrietta 32by 1849
0206TAYLOR, Lamb 48Margaret 36CORNELL, MargaretRowan Co. NC 1825
0264TAYLOR, Samuel 43Martha 37by 1835
0102TAYLOR, William 27
0887THOMAS, Elijah 50Elizabeth 44BLACK, ElizabethRowan Co. NC 1823
0686THOMPSON, Hannah 45ROBARDS, Hannah?Rowan Co. NC 1823?
0502THOMPSON, Pearsall 51Margaret 33by 1840
0753THOMPSON, William 52?Lucinda 63BANKS, Lucinda?Rowan Co. NC 1810?
0748THOMPSON, William A. 47Elizabeth 35GRAHAM, Elizabethby 1842
0318THORNTON, James 35Martha 33by 1846?
0515TILLETT, John 36Elizabeth 32by 1842
0838TORRENTINE, Elizabeth 40by 1829?
0029TORRENTINE, John W. 53Amy 36BOWLES, AmyDavie Co. NC 1846*
0011TRAVILLION, Nelson 52(AUSTIN, Susan)by 1825
0335TUCKER, Mary 44WALSER, MaryRowan Co. NC 1825
0958TUCKER, Randolph 40Henrietta 37by 1833
0362TUCKER, Thomas 21Susan 25WOOD, SusannahDavie Co. NC 1849
0449TURNER, Alexander 58GRANGER, Eliza JaneDavie Co. NC 1844
0532TURNER, James 46Mary 34by 1843
0556TURNER, John 48Anna 44
0960TURNER, Wilfred 41Dorcas 37by 1835
0418TURNER, Zephaniah 59(COWAN, Mary S.)Rowan Co. NC 1837
0935TUTTEROW, David 41Lucinda 33PARKER, LucindaDavie Co. NC 1842
0857TUTTEROW, David 60Ruth 60BRADLEY, Ruth1811
0567TUTTEROW, David B. 37Mary 35MADDEN, Maryby 1834
0240TUTTEROW, Hiram 27
0615TUTTEROW, Jacob 37Caroline 27FLOWERS, Carolineby 1839


* probably second marriage for one or both partners

Household 318, James THORNTON 35 and Martha 33. With them are George THORNTON 66, presumbaly father of James, and Caroline THORNTON age 4, listed in that order. I would assume that Caroline is James and Martha's daughter, except that she is listed after George's name, not after Martha's.

Household 29, John and Amy TORRENTINE. Census reads Torrentorentine, apparently an error. Amy appears to be his second wife. Was the first wife Mary BASINGER, m. Rowan Co. 1822?

Household 449, Alexander TURNER, age 58, with Mary Turner 23, and five others ranging from 21 down to 1 month. Is Mary a wife or a daughter? and who is the father of the younger children?

Household 567, David B. TUTTEROW. This seems to be the Bradley Tutterow who married Polly MADDEN. His parents were David Tutterow and Ruth Bradley.

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