McLarty Family

First Generation

Alexander McLarty (1757-1824) was born in Kintyre, Scotland, and died in Cabarrus or Mecklenburg Co. NC. He immigrated probably around 1774, although this may be a confusion with another Alexander McLarty, probably related to this one but apparently too young to be his father. Our Alexander married Jennie Morrison (1760-1850) in 1776 in NC.

Second Generation

Children of Alexander and Jennie McLarty
Not all birthdates are known, and order may not be correct as given here.

Jean McLarty (1777-?) m. Johnston Newell Bigger (1775-1849)
James McLarty (1789-?) m. 1) Sarah Ellen Shelby (1787-1827), 2) Deborah Freeman
Archibald McLarty (1796-1875) m. 1) Elizabeth Hasty (1800-1836), 2) Ellen Beckham Collins (1817-1892)
Catherine McLarty (1800-1869) m. Thomas Jefferson Jerome (1800-1872)
Nancy McLarty m. Isaac Helms
Polly McLarty m. William Weddington
Sally McLarty m. Archibald Brown

Third Generation

Children of James McLarty and Sarah Ellen Shelby
Thomas Polk McLarty m. Malinda Matilda Spears
Sarah Eleanor McLarty m. 1) James Freeman Anderson, 2) John McLarty, probably a cousin
John McLarty (1819-?)
Catherine McLarty (1821-?) m. Charles Shelby Polk (1814-1879)
Jane McLarty (1823-?) m. Marcus McElreath (1813-1858)

Children of James McLarty and Deborah Freeman
Polly McLarty (1828-?) m. William Sumpter Brown (1819-1879)
Alexander McLarty (1830-?) m. Sallie Brown
Nancy McLarty (1831-1906) did not marry
Deborah Matilda McLarty (1832-?)
Elizabeth Susannah McLarty (1834-?)
James Fletcher McLarty (1836-1906)
Amanda McLarty (1838-?)

*Amanda is listed in the McLarty genealogy as the daughter of James and Deborah on p. 727, but not on p. 698 in another list of their children. The entry on p. 727 gives her birth date as 1838 but on p. 697 it is stated that James died in 1835. I have not yet tried to resolve this inconsistency.


Children of Archibald McLarty and Elizabeth Hasty
Martha Adeline McLarty (1830-1863) did not marry
Eliza [Elizabeth?] McLarty (1832-1834)
Thomas Alexander McLarty (1835-?) m. Mary Winchester

Children of Archibald McLarty and Ellen Beckham Collins
Frances Ann McLarty (1838-1925) m. Joseph Calvin Helms (1830-1865)
James Monroe McLarty (1839-1909) m. Sarah Amanda Gordon
Benjamin Franklin McLarty (1841-1908) did not marry
George Collins McLarty (1843-1913) m. Mary Howard
Laura Jane McLarty (1845-1912) m. C. Leander Helms? maybe confusion with her sister?
Mary Elizabeth McLarty (1847-1891) m. Charles Leander Helms (1838-1916)
Sarah Ellen McLarty (1850-1925) did not marry
Amanda McLarty (1852-1896?) did not marry


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