Next Generation of Yoga Teachers

Our Beloved Chandra was chosen by Yoga Journal as one of the top 20 Yoga Instructors in the world. This piece was written by Nora Issacs and appeared in the March 2008

Yoga Journal Magazine.



Chandra Om's purpose as a teacher is crystal clear: to carry on traditional Yoga through the method of her Guru, Sri Dharma Mittra, a Yoga Master in New York whose teachings are infused with chanting, meditation, reverence for the Guru and the belief that asana should be done as an offering to God. Today, Chandra holds the high honor of being the only person to whom Sri Dharma has given permission to teach his advanced practices.

This teacher of teachers runs the thriving North Carolina School of Yoga and travels to New York once a month to serve her Guru. At the core of her teachings are Yoga's ethical guidelines: "Without Yama and Niyama, there is no Yoga", she says. "I myself love the postures and a strong asana practice, but holding both legs behind the head or standing on one finger completely inverted doesn't mean anything if you are not a nice person".


Check out her recently published book, Dharma Mittra; A Friend to All, a biographical account of the life of her Guru, Sri Dharma Mittra. Learn more at