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We have put 7 files with some corrections to them in the FTP directory for you to download if you already have the programs. They are: g1.fil, g2.fil, g3.fil, g4.fil, g5.fil, g6.fil, and kjjuku.fil. These files should be downloaded and placed in the 'nlsstudy' subdirectory or whatever directory you created when you installed the NLS software. Please make sure you back up your original files before replacing them for safety. These files fix some typographical errors in the study files. You might also want to take a look at the new .juk files that exist there for some new study material and corrections to some of those sent on the CD-ROM.

Click here for information on how to download the files.


NLS Bundle Package, front view.
Nihongo Learning Systems is proud to announce the availability of its software on CD-ROM!


Nihongo Learning Systems offers 4 products to help you learn to read and write Japanese. Our introductory product, Kana Drills for Windows teaches you to read, write, and pronounce Hiragana and Katakana. We also offer a product called Gairaigo for Windows which allows you to learn to quickly recognize longer combinations of Katakana characters.

Kanji Drills for Windows allows you to learn to read, write, and pronounce nearly 1000 Kanji Characters. They are the ones taught in the first 6 grades of Japanese Elementary School.

Kanji Combinations for Windows allows you to learn to quickly recognize combinations of multiple Kanji characters. This is how the bulk of Japanese vocabulary exists. You can create your own lists of combinations (jukugo) for study.

All four programs can be purchased together at a special price. See the order form for specific pricing information.

Yet a 5th program, VocabuMatch for Windows is not necessarily Japanese related, but can be used for a number of things.

For sample uses and screen images, click on the list items below to go directly to the product page.

Follow these instructions to download a free sample of NLS' Software. Use the following URL to download the sample program:


The file to download is: nlssampl.exe
Once you download the file, simply run it and it will prompt you for information about where you want the sample to be installed. Four program groups (or icons in Windows 95) will be created and you can run any of the four programs to get an idea of how these programs work. The only difference between the sample programs and the fully functional ones are the number of characters supported. The Kana Drills sample program does not support voice. The Kanji Combinations sample program doesn't allow you to create your own combinations.

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