Kanji Combinations for Windows

Kanji Combinations is used by more advanced students. This program concentrates on expanding your vocabulary by allowing you to study jukugo or combinations of Kanji characters. Once you have mastered a large number of individual Kanji characters and their readings, you will want to expand your vocabulary by learning words that are made up of multiple characters. This program comes with about 500 pre-built combinations. It also comes with instructions and materials to let you build your own combinations for study. This allows professionals in certain areas to concentrate on terminology particular to their field. Students can create combinations which are assigned for study and/or examinations. Over 1850 Kanji characters are supported for the creation of combinations.

This is the first screen you will encounter when running Kanji Combinations. As with our other programs, you can choose Quiz Mode or Flash Card Mode and In Order or Random presentation.

The Select and Validate File button in the center is there to allow you to check the validity of a file you have created for self-study. When you create your own file for studying, pressing this button allows the program to read the contents of the file and ensure that the data was entered correctly. It will create a file that you can read which details any errors encountered and with hints on how to fix them.

The Select File and Start button allows you to choose a file for study. Once you press this button and choose a file, a screen like the one below will appear:

This is the place where you will spend the bulk of you study time. The current combination or jukugo is displayed. This screen shows what might appear after some of the buttons at the bottom of the page have been pressed and a selection made. Initially, only the combination appears.

By pressing the Display Kana Pronunciation button, the pronunciation of the currently displayed combination is rendered in Hiragana, just below the combination. By pressing the Display Romaji Pronunciation button, a romaji version is displayed just under the yellow box containing the combination. Pressing Multiple Choice causes the 5 mulitple choice areas to be filled. As with Kanji Drills, the correct meaning of the combination is randomly place in one of the five slots and the other slots are randomly filled with other incorrect choices. To select an answer, simply press the numbered button next to the answer you believe to be correct.

If you choose incorrectly, the correct answer is shown at the right, and the Review Mode button is activated. If you push the Review Mode button, you will automatically be allowed to review all of the incorrect choices you made

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