Kanji Drills for Windows

Kanji Drills for Windows allows you to study Kanji the way an elementary student in Japan does. You can choose from grades 1 through 6. You can also choose to have the Kanji presented in the same order each time or to have them presented in a random order. Below is a sample of the type of screen you can expect to see with this product


This is the initial screen presented which allows you to choose the level of Kanji you want to study, the mode in which you want to study them, and the order in which they are presented. The total number of Kanji characters supported is 996.

In Quiz Mode, you have the opportunity to drill your knowledge of Kanji characters. Flash Card mode presents the character along with the meaning.

Kanji Drills Study Screen

This is the screen where most of your studying is done. In the middle, a Kanji character is displayed. The number of strokes it takes to write it is shown, along with a progress mark to let you know how far you are in the sequence of Kanji you are studying.

Initially, the two areas on either side of the character are blank. By pressing the On-Yomi or Kun-Yomi button at the bottom of the screen, the readings of the character are displayed in these areas. You can display the readings in Hiragana or Romaji.

By pressing the Multiple Choice button, five choices are filled in at the lower 1/2 of the screen. One of the choices is a correct meaning for the displayed character. The others are incorrect. This program is designed such that the correct choice does not always show up in the same position. Furthermore, the alternate choices are different each time you run or restart the program. This method of presentation prevents memorization of position and promotes real learning of the material.

By pressing the Draw Strokes button, you can actually see the character drawn, stroke by stroke, with pauses between each stroke.

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