VocabuMatch for Windows

VocabuMatch for Windows is a general purpose educational tool used by teachers, parents, and students for quickly learning items that can be matched. Good examples of such items are:

Teachers use this program to generate quizzes for the classroom. By shuffling and printing it multiple times, the same information can be presented in a quiz, but the order is different.

Parents use the program to help their children in their studies. This presents an easy and fun way for parents to help their kids learn material without acutally doing it for them. It also keeps the parents up to date on what their children are studying in school.

Students themselves use the program for self study. But, best of all, by creating their own quizzes, they are 'studying as they go.' Students can create quizzes to challenge their friends or challenge themselves. And, guess what? All of the quizzes that are built become an automatic library of review material for term tests and future exams. They can be saved for other children who may be coming into the material later. This is true for ALL students, be them elementary school, middle school, high school, or post-graduate specialists. Are you a pre-med student? This tool will be invaluable when you get ready to start studying for the MCAT. The same idea applies to Law students, high school students preparing for college entrance exams, etc.

Companies can use the program to help in specialized training programs. Again, the uses are limitless and it requires little if any training to learn to use.

Now, let's take a look at how the program works. The initial screen seen when the program is started is shown below:

VocabuMatch Main Menu

When you first start VocabuMatch for Windows, this is the screen you encounter. As you can see, you can Create a New List or Open an Existing List (for modification), or Take a Quiz Interactively. The selections are self-explanatory and the screens which appear when the buttons are pressed are shown later in this page.

The following screen appears when you open an existing quiz or when you create a new one. When you create a new one, the Title field and the List box is initially empty. Again, it is self-explanatory, but let's go into it a little anyway. The first task is to give your quiz a title. This title will appear centered at the top of the page when the quiz is printed. It can serve as a title or as directions on what to do with this particular quiz.

You type what you want to appear on the left hand side in the space labelled, Enter the vocabulary word here: . The right hand side goes in the area labelled Enter the meaning here: . Once you have entered what you want, just press the button labelled Add to List and the paired items will be put in the list to the left. If you notice you have made a mistake after adding the item to the list, you can simply double click on the item in the list and it will be removed, and placed back in the edit boxes for you to correct.

When you are done, you can have the quiz printed on your printer, or saved to a file. The file name will be the same name as the quiz file name, but with a different extension.

Many people like to use the computer to take the quiz instead of printing it on paper and taking it. This is the screen which appears when you want to take the quiz interactively on the computer. In this case, the quiz is to match states with their capital cities. Each time you run this, the order of the states and the capitals is different.

To take the quiz, you simply select an item from the left side and select the correct matching item on the right side. Once you are satisfied with your selections, you press the Match Selections button. The pair is then placed at the top of the screen and the items are removed from their respecitve lists. If you later think that you may have answered incorrectly, you can select the item pair at the top and then press the Undo button and the item pair is removed from the top list and each part is placed back into their respective lists.

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