"Aftermath of Gettysburg": Letters of John J. English

courtesy of desendent Mrs. Julia Spicer

John J. English was 20 years old when he enlisted in Company E, of the 6th N.C.S.T., which was organized in Burke County, N.C. at age 20, March 18, 1862. He was wounded in the elbow at the second battle of Manassas, VA on August 29, 1862. He was again aounded near Cedar Creek, Va. in Oct., 1864. Mrs.Spicer added, "I know that I am related because I have an original letter from him written to my gg grandfather, Gabriel English, vividly describing the battles and telling of the death of Col. Isaac E. Avery". Promoted to Corporal subsequent to Mar. 1, 1864, but prior to Sept, 19, 1864, when he was promoted to Sergeant. Present or accounted for until wounded near Cedar Creek, Va., Oct. 10, 1864. Reported absent wounded through Dec. 1864. He was from North Cove, N.C. where his desendent, Mrs. Spicer who supplied this letter, still lives. June - 1999 .

Near Hagerstown Md
July 9th 1863

Dear uncle & Aunt.

    I Seat myself to write you a-few lins to let you now that I recieved a leter from you the 3rd of this month I was glad to har from you & that you was all well your leter found me in line of battle at Geteysburg where we had a fightwe wer in a har fight here we went in to the fight with 56 men in our Co and when we come out we had 24 our Captain was killed P.B. Colins killed M.J. Mckiney Mortly-wounded so he died in a short time I will give you a list of the rest of the wounded J. Saal Mcyll. Samuel Yound Liet Brown From the cove the rest was from Mitchel and burk as ____________ M.B. Penley J. C. Freeman James Mckiney jacob Thomas S.C. Vance Oliver Cysk, J Smallwood Thomas Wright D. ervin Swin Howell Joseph jarell (son) William Mathes J. Mace W. Roler H.W. Singleton this all we now of their was 3 missing Lee Rose. W. Branch R. P. Howell Missing we dont now whether they were killed or not we charged the yankies wher they wer on a hill & in their brestworks we took them but we couldent hold them & was compelled to fall back I thought I had bin wher graps & cnister & Mineys flew but I never was in a place like this our loss was hevier than it ever was but our gratest loss was
    Col Evrey he was wounded one Eavening and died the nest night I am very Sory that he got killed for I liked him beter than any body I ever was under but he is gone now he was acting Brigadier General & a braver man than lived that is said to be the hardest fight we ever was in but I dont now I think evry fight is the hardest one but the truth is thay ar all hard we staid in Pennsylvania some thing over too weeks the women Seemed like they wer scared to death we dident have to pay for nothing much to pay for for they dident want our money So I must close I remain your friend.

     J.J. English.
    To gabrel & Sophie - English

A few lines to M.J. Dean
Dear cousin    
I will write you a few lines to let you now that I am well Brice is well & bob John is not very well as I wrote the news to uncle Gaberel I will not reherse them we saw fine times while we wer in Pa till the fight come on then it dident please me very well we are now in MD Near hagerstown I recon we will go back to old Va as soon as the river falls we have had some very wet weather for the last week & it is not much beter yet our boys is very been to get back to Dixie So no more give my respects to all enquirring Friends tell Virey and the children that I am well So I will close I remain your cousin and friend.

    J.J. English To M.J. Dean

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