This flag was made by Sophia Partridge from Raleigh for the company. In the upper corner the state seal is painted with a scroll underneath reading, "The Old North State Forever."

The field is 68 1/2 inches long by 39 inches tall composed of two 19 1/2 blue silk panels. It has 5 1/2 inch white silk fringe border on three sides which is attached to a 1 inch white border.

The canton is white and measures 20 3/4 inches on the staff and by 26 1/2 inches on the fly.

The state seal painted section is on white measures 18 inches in diameter inclusive of a 3/8 inch wide brown edge, It is only on the obverse. The scroll is a buff 1 1/4 inch wide with dark blue painted letters 7/8 inch tall, "The Old North State Forever"

The reverse of the canton bears a single gold, 5-pointed star, 3 1/2 inches in diameter with high block letters, "North Carolina Grays"; a similarly painted scroll 1 1/4" wide bears 3/4 inch dark blue block letters, " Presented by the Ladies of Cedar Fork."

It is attached to the pole by 5 whipped eyelets are in the hemmed leading edge of the flag, each bearing alternating red and blue ties with red being the uppermost.

The flag is in the collection of the North Carolina Museum of History, artifact XX330.174

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