Private William Thomas C. Barbee
was 24 when he enlisted for the "short war" on May 28, 1861 in Morrisville. He was wounded at Gaines' Mill, Virginia, June 27, 1862. A year later he was promoted to Corporal on August 1, 1863. He surrendered with the unit at Appomattox and came home to live out the rest of his life in Chatham County. His descendents remember that the war was quite a painful experience for him and he never spoke of it. He died in 1902 and is buried at Mt. Pisgah Church Cemetery.

The History of the Cedar Fork Rifles

This was the nickname of the Morrisville men who oraganized in Morrisville to fight for the Confederacy in May of 1861. This group would enter army service with the official designation of Company I, 6th North Carolina State Troops.

Chapter 1: "One Man's Vision"
Chapter 2: "The Clouds of War."
Chapter 3: "Col. Fisher and The Cause"
Chapter 4: "The First and Fatal Blood"
Chapter 5: "The Earth's Secrets"
Chapter 6: "Gettysburg"
Chapter 7: "The Capture of the Flag"
Chapter 8: "Sounds of Battle No More"
Chapter 9: "The Final Campfire"

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