Units at the Battle of Morrisville

There is no information as of yet as to which Confederate units were engaged at the battle but both Hampton’s and Wheeler’s commands were present. Wheeler’s men had been engaged all morning so I believe they would have been the main Confederate force fighting around the depot. Johnston had reorganized his force after the Battle of Bentonville.
Union forces under Kilpatrick are a little easier to pin down. Participating in the charge were the 9th Michigan, 8th Indiana (39th Indiana), Cavalry with the 2nd and 3rd Kentucky Cavalry regiments held in reserve. The 23rd New York Independent Battery and the 10th Wisconsin Battery were deployed and support the attack.

Confederate Order of Battle

Lt. Gen. Wade Hampton, Commanding
Wheeler's Corps 
Maj. Gen. Joseph Wheeler
(Army of Tennessee)

Humes's Division

Col. Henry M. Ashby

T. Harrison's Brigade
Col. Baxter Smith
3rd Arkansas Cav.
4th Tennessee Cav.
8th Texas Cav.
11th Texas Cav.

Ashby's Brigade
Lt. Col. James H. Lewis
1st Tennessee Cav.
2nd Tennessee Cav.
5th Tennessee Cav.
9th Tennessee Battalion

Allen's Division

Brig. Gen. William W. Allen

Hagan's Brigade
Col. D. G. White
1st Alabama Cav.
3rd Alabama Cav.
9th Alabama Cav.
12th Alabama Cav.
51st Alabama Cav.
24th Alabama Battalion

Anderson's Brigade
Brig. Gen. Robert H. Anderson
3rd Confederate Cav.
8th Confederate Cav.
10th Confederate Cav.
5th Georgia Cav.

Dibrell's Division

Col. George G. Dibrell

Dibrell's Brigade
Col. William S. McLemore
4th Tennessee (McLemore's) Cav.
13th Tennessee Cav.
Shaw's Tennessee Battalion

Breckinridge's Brigade (formerly Lewis's)
Col. W. C. P. Breckinridge
1st Kentucky Cav.
2nd Kentucky Cav.
9th Kentucky Cav.
2nd Kentucky Mounted Infantry
4th Kentucky Mounted Infantry
5th Kentucky Mounted Infantry
6th Kentucky Mounted Infantry
9th Kentucky Mounted Infantry

Butler's Division 

(From the Army of Northern Virginia)
Maj. Gen. M. C. Butler
Brig. Gen. Evander M. Law

Young's Brigade
Col. Gilbert J. Wright
10th Georgia Cav.
Cobb's Georgia Legion
Jeff Davis Legion
Phillips's Georgia Legion

Butler's Brigade
Brig. Gen. Evander M. Law
Brig. Gen. Thomas M. Logan
4th South Carolina Cav.
5th South Carolina Cav.
6th South Carolina Cav.

Horse Artillery
Earle's South Carolina Battery
Hart's (Halsey's) South Carolina Battery 

Union Order of Battle

Bvt. Maj. Gen. Judson Kilpatrick
Third Division 

First Brigade
Col. Thomas J. Jordan
3rd Indiana (battalion)
8th Indiana
2nd Kentucky
3rd Kentucky
9th Pennsylvania

Second Brigade
Bvt. Brig. Gen. Smith D. Atkins
92nd Illinois (mounted)
10th Ohio
9th Ohio
9th Michigan
McLaughlin's Squadron (Ohio)

Third Brigade
Col. George E. Spencer
1st Alabama
5th Kentucky
5th Ohio
13th Pennsylvania

Fourth Brigade (provisional)
Lt. Col. William B. Way
1st Regiment
2nd Regiment
3rd Regiment

10th Wisconsin Battery (Beebe's)
24th New York Independent Battery

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