January 1999
Table of Contents

The Noetic Journal: Statement of Purpose Editor ii
Style Sheet for Prospective Authors   iii
Subscription Information   iv
SPECIAL SECTION: Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Convergent Ideas in the Philosophy of Science at George Mason University
A Sheaf Theoretic Approach to Consciousness Goro Kato and Daniele Struppa 1-3
Structural-Phenomenological Theories in Europe and USA Mihai Draganescu 4-8
Association, Abstraction, and the Emergence of the Self Georgio A. Ascoli 9-20
Foundational Principles in the Philosophy of Science Menas Kafatos 21-27
An Introduction to Noetic Field Theory: The Quantization of Mind Richard L. Amoroso 28-37
The Unique Role of Basic Science and Mathematics in Russian Education and its Influence on the Process of Scientific Thinking Valery Soyer 38-41
On the Difference Between Dead and Living Matter: Making Sense of Pseudo-random Sequences of DNA Nucleotides Simon Berkovich 42-51
The Nature of Man-Universe connections Atilla Grandpierre 52-66
Matter Waves and Human Consciousness Milo Wolff 67-75
Holographic Mind: The Integration of Seer, Seeing, and Seen; Part I - Theory Edmond Chouinard 76-87
A Pragmatic Approach to Consciousness Henry Stapp 88-95
Consciousness and Metaphor: A Permanent Necessary Relationship or a Temporary Explanatory Expedient? Earl R. Mac Cormac 96-106
Symmetry: The Theory of Everything Andrew Lohrey 107-117
Symmetry: A Belief-System for Our Times William C. Hoffman 118-126
Call for Papers
Science and the Primacy of Consciousness, Publication Notice
Vigier III
Next Issue Highlights: Vol. 2 No. 2, April 1999
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