Science and the Primacy of Consciousness
Intimation of a 21stCentury Revolution: A Book of Readings in Consciousness Studies

The problem of consciousness has become nowadays a prime discussion topic in science. Almost forgotten or put aside since the beginning of this century, it has been recently revived, in part thanks to important research coming from the fields of neuroscience and quantum physics. Many other fields have been contributing to the vast puzzle of consciousness, such as Cognitive Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy and others, presenting theories that range from the reductionist to the mystical. Consciousness is not just another problem but one that concerns every one of us as individuals, as it is our own consciousness that we want to understand. Some of the most important unsolved questions are: How can consciousness arise in the physical universe? Is consciousness an emergent phenomenon of the brain or is the brain an emergent phenomenon of consciousness? Can the study of non-ordinary states of consciousness help us, in any way, to answer these questions?

It seems likely that the answers we are looking for must come from the concerted effort of empirical and theoretical research, bringing together different fields of consciousness studies, philosophy and theology. We may very well consider consciousness to be the prime matter of discussion and the main puzzle in today's science that may lead us to a new understanding of ourselves and the universe around us.

Edited by:
Richard L. Amoroso, Rui Antunes, Claudia Coelho, Miguel Farias, Ana Leite and Pedro Soares.
Richard L. Amoroso, Mihai Draganescu, Menas Kafatos, E. Harris Walker, Benny Shanon, Francisco DiBiase, Jonathan Reams, Henry Stapp, Karl Pribram, Rupert Sheldrake, Stanislas & Kristina Groff, Amit Goswami, Georg Franck, Emmanuel Ransford, Arne Peterson, J.A. Waterworth, Andrew Lohrey, Daniel Miller, Henry Swift, Bill Potter, Ben Goertzel, Eric Harth and others.

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