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Song versions of Archaic Greek Poetry
by Mark Jickling and Chris Mason


Old Songs is Mark Jickling and Chris Mason. We have been translating poems by Sappho, Archilochos, Hipponax, Alcman, Alcaeus, Xenophanes, and other Greek poets from the 7th century to the 4th century BC and making the poems into songs. Most of these poems actually were sung by the poets with Kithara (lyre) accompaniment or by a chorus of singers or chanted with a flute accompaniment. We have been recording them with singers such as Liz Downing, David Fair, and Pam Kraemer, and with musicians such as Anne Watts (accordion), Rebby Sharp (violin), Jamie Wilson (percussion), Allen Thrasher (flute), Lyle Kissack (percussion), Paul Jickling (guitar). Some of the songs have been recorded with a chorus of teenage girls (Emma Lee Thompson, Elizabeth Mason, Annatruus Bakker, Hannah Stahl, and Lucy Stahl). We have 4 CD's available now from Race of Bees: "19 Old Songs", a sampler recorded at Birdhouse Studios in Baltimore; "Old Songs /Inner Ear Demo" recorded at Inner Ear Studio in Virginia; "Honey Nor Bee", Sappho fragments sung in Greek and English, recorded at Birdhouse and featuring Liz Downing on vocals; and "Hipponax", home recordings of Hipponax songs.



Order our CD's: "19 Old Songs" , "Hipponax", "Honey Nor Bee", or "Old Songs/ Inner Ear Demo" for $10. each (shipping free inside USA, add $5.00 for shipping outside USA - buy 3 Cd's, get fourth free)

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