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Play Sappho 104a

"Evening star brings back

What bright dawn has scattered

Brings back the sheep

Brings back the goats

Brings back the children to their mother"

(Liz, Chris, Mark, Allen, vocals,
Allen, flute, Chris, guitar, Mark,
one-handed banjo, Jamie, percussion)

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Play Archilochus 118/119

"I wish I could touch Neoboule's hand
Fall upon her wineskin with my laborer
Pressing belly against belly, thigh against thigh
I wish I could touch Neoboule's hand"

(Chris, vocals and guitar, Mark, banjo,
Rebby, violin, Jamie, percussion)

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Play Xenophanes 6 Pythagoras

"Another story about the philosopher's way:
Once he was walking by where they were beating a puppy
and he felt pity and said, "Stop! Don't hit him.
That's the soul of a friend of mine;
I know his yelp when I hear it."

(David, vocals, Mark, slide guitar, Allen, flute)

Or Downloard Xenophanes 6 to your hard drive

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