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555 Precision Level


We are proud to introduce the Brunson 555 Precision Level. Developed to our demanding specifications by one of the world's premier geodetic instrument manufacturers, the 555 offers many features that make your work quicker, easier, and more accurate. Its large objective aperture and 42 power optical system provide two arcsecond resolution. To make leveling the instrument fast and easy, a coincidence vial having two power magnification tells you which way to turn the tilting screw. And bringing the line of sight to the vial is as easy as adjusting a knurled ring. A metric version, 555-M is also avialable.
555 Specifications


  • Length: 12 inches
  • Magnification: 42X at infinity
  • Field of View: 1 degree - 10 arc minutes
  • Image: Erect
  • Optics: Coated with a low reflective, protective coating
  • Effective Aperture: 1.97 inches
  • Resolution: 2.0 arcseconds
  • Reticle: Glass, filar/bi-filar pattern
  • Focusing Range: 12 inches to infinity

Leveling Mechanism:

  • Fine adjustment graduated tilting screw
  • Three leveling screw tribrach mounting
  • Base has a 5/8 inch - 11 internal thread mount


  • Main; 10 arc sec/2 mm level sensitivity, 2X magnification
  • Coincidence observation
    Circular; 3.5 arc min/2 mm sensitivity


  • Integral parallel plate optical micrometer with optical window reading
  • 0.100 inch range; (Metric)2.5mm
  • 0.001 inch resolution; (Metric).02mm
  • 0.005 inch accuracy; (Metric).01mm
  • Approximate Weight: Instrument, 10.5 pounds; instrument and case, 24 pounds; shipping, 26 pounds

Suggested Accessories:

  • 235-5 Theodolite Adapter
  • 810 Portable Instrument Stand
  • 564 Optical Tooling Scales

545-1 Precision Sight Level


This instrument combines precision with rugged reliability to execute the most demanding leveling jobs. The model 545-1 telescope has adjustments to maintain the line of sight straight throughout a focusing range of two inches to infinity, allowing the instrument to be located in the tightest of setups. This straightness is maintained at 0.001 of an inch from two inches to 17 feet and one arcsecond from 17 feet to infinity. The main telescope tube has a removable section to facilitate conversion for auto-collimation, auto-projection, or installation of a right angle eyepiece. The optical micrometer produces repeatable readings with a resolution of 0.001 of an inch. (Finer micrometer resolution is avialable.)


The horizontal axis pivots directly over the vertical axis, making the change in plane height less than 0.0001 of an inch for tilts up to 5 arc minutes either above or below horizontal. This important feature eliminates the need to perform the time-consuming precision plumbing procedure for leveling projects.

The model 545-1 has quality base components and leveling vials similar to the jig transits, allowing this instrument to sweep precise horizontal planes. Feather-touch controls are included for setting the coincidence vial.

545-1 Specifications


  • Length: 16 inches (with micrometer 190)
  • Magnification: 20X at 2 inches from objective; 30X at infinity
  • Field of View: 1 degree
  • Image: Erect
  • Optics: Low reflective, protective coating
  • Effective Aperture: 1.34 inches
  • Resolution: 3.9 arcseconds
  • Reticle: Glass, filar/bi-filar pattern (others available)
  • Focusing Range: 2 inches to infinity
  • Bearings: Ball type with a runout of 0.000025 of an inch or less
  • Finish: Polyurethane - grey metallic
  • Approximate Weight: Instrument, 17 pounds; instrument and case, 30 pounds; shipping, 32 pounds
  • Case: Plastic case with foam cushions to provide all-amended instrument support

Standard Accessories:

  • 190 Optical Micrometer
  • 194-TM Coincidence Vial
  • Adjusting pins, instruction booklet, plastic cover

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