The SDR 33 Data Collector

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Sokkia puts real power into your hands with the SDR33 Expert Field Book. The 33 is field tough, waterproof and will stand up to years of daily use. Best of all, it possesses the power to quickly collect, store, compute and transfer the information so vital to your business.

The SDR 33 Expert has all the programs a surveyor or engineer needs in the field. And best of all, it has an extensive Roading Package specifically designed for road alignment and staking.

The Expert SDR33 is designed for power users like engineers and surveyors who need the technical advantages and versatility of a wide variety of functions. Here are some of the features you'll find in the Expert SDR 33 :




The SDR 33 Expert Field Book with 1 meg memory..........LIST PRICE $3295.00 ....CALL or E-MAIL for YOUR QUOTE!

The SDR 33 Expert Field Book with 2 meg memory..........LIST PRICE $3595.00..... CALL or E-MAILfor YOUR QUOTE!

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