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The Sokkia SET 5W

Being fully water-resistant, the SET5W operates dependably even where conventional total stations do not, such as in sudden showers, continuous drizzling rain, or the high humidity of underground construction sites.

Sokkia's SET5W Waterproof Total Station is ruggedly built to withstand harsh operating conditions.

Performance Features :

Proven Dual-axis Compensator

The High-performing EDM

Powerful Telescope

Outstanding Mobility

The SET5W can be easily customized to your preferred key assignments.

Missing Line Measurement (MLM)

Remote Elevation Measurement (REM)

Angle Repetition

For enhanced accuracy in the horizontal angle measurement, the SET5W can measure in repetition. It then calculates and displays the average of the multiple angle measurements.

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SET 5W Specifications :


Type Fully transiting. Coaxial EDM transmitting and receiving optics integrated in the theodolite telescope.
Length 165mm (6.5inch)
Objective aperture 45mm (1.8 inch)
Magnification 30X
Image Erect
Resolving power 3.0"
Field of view 1 degree 30 minutes (26m/1000m)
Minimum focus 1.3m (4.3ft)
Reticle illumination Built-in (Bright/Dim selectable)

Angle Measurement

Type (H/V) Photoelectric incremental rotary encoder with absolute zero index. Diametrical detection
Display resolution (H/V selectable) 1"/0.2mgon/0.005mil or (5"/1mgon/0.02mil)
Angle unit (H/V) Degree, Gon, Mil selectable
Accuracy (H/V) 5" (1.5mgon/0.02mil)
(standard deviation according to DIN18723)
Dual-axis compensator Liquid dual-axis tilt sensor, range: +/-3'(+/-55mgon)
Display mode H: Clockwise/Counterclockwise, Repetition, Oset, Hold available
V: Zenith 0 degrees, Horizontal 0 degrees, Horizontal 0 +/- 90 degrees, Slope%

Distance Measurement

Type Modulated near infrared LED, 3 frequencies, Coaxial EDM transmitting and receiving optics
Atmospheric conditions A = Average conditions: slight haze, visibility about 20km (12miles), sunny periods, weak scintillation(heat waves)
G = Good conditions: no haze, visibility about 40km (25 miles), overcast, no scintillation(heat waves)
Measuring range (slope distance)
With CP01 compact prism A. 1.3m to 700m (2,300ft)
With one AP01 prism A. 1.3m to 1200m (3,900ft)
With one AP01 prism G. 1.3m to 1,500m (4,900ft)
With three AP01 prisms A. 1.3m to 1,600m (5,200ft)
With three AP01 prisms G. 1.3m to 2,000m (6,500ft)
Display resolution and time Fine: 0.001m (0.01ft) Every 3.2 seconds, initial 4.7 seconds.
Rapid: 0.001m (0.01ft) 1.7 seconds
Tracking: 0.01m (0.1ft) Every 0.3 seconds, initial 1.4 seconds.
Average: 0.0001m (0.001ft), (average of 2 to 9 measurements)
Distance unit meters or feet (selectable)
Accuracy: Fine Measurement
D=measuring distance
+/-(3 + 2ppm x D) mm
Atmospheric correction Input range: The ppm factor is automatically calculated and applied by keying in the temperature(C or F) and the pressure(hPa, mmHg, inchHg) within the range of -30 C to +60 C and 500 hPa to 1,400 hPa
PPM input range: -499 to +499ppm (1 ppm steps)
Prism constant correction -99mm to 0mm (1mm steps)
Refraction & earth-curvature correction ON/OFF selectable(K=0.142)


Display 2 LCD dot matrix displays on each face, 20 characters x 4 lines
Keyboard 5 softkeys, Free allocations of functions
Sensitivity of plate level 40"/2mm
Sensitivity of circular level 10'/2mm (in tribrach)
Optical plummet In Alidade, Image: erect. Magnification: 3X. Minimum focus: 0.5m (1.6ft)
Interface Asynchronous serial, RS-232C compatible, baud rate 1200/9600 bps
2-way communication Provided
Data storage 3000 point data memory
Water protection IPX7 (when BDC25A battery and connector caps are installed)
Operating temperature -20 C to +50 C (-4 F to +122 F)
Instrument height (horizontal axis height) 236mm(9.3inch) from tribrach bottom, 193mm(7.6inch) from tribrach dish
Size with handle and BDC25A battery 150(W) x 165(D) x 353(H)mm (5.9(W) x 6.5(D) x 13.9(H)inch)
Weight with handle and battery 5.6kg (12.4lbs), battery: 230g (8.1oz)
Weight of parts BDC25A battery: 240g (8.5oz)
Handle: 100g (3.5oz)
Tribrach: 740g (1.6lbs)
Case: 2.4kg (5.3lbs)

Power Supplies

Battery level display 4 steps with warning message.
Automatic power cut-off 30 minutes after operation. ON/OFF selectable
Power source Ni-Cd rechargeable battery, BDC25A (6V) 2 pcs. supplied
Working duration at 25C(77F)
with one BDC25A battery
Distance and Angle measurement: about 5 hours (About 600 points)
(Fine and single measurement, interval = 30 secs)
Angle Measurement only: About 9 hours
Charging time CDC27/31: about 80 minutes, CDC31A: about 90 minutes


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