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Tuck away from the light and stir not, til darkness comes.

Then move without shadows on hushed wings.    W.H  Lane

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Welcome to my Web site, dedicated to the conservation of northern forest owls!!!

 19 October 2015.  Perfect conditions last night and only 5 owls in 5 hours, which signals a palpable finish to the migration. The bell-shaped curve is a bit irregular this year and I will still catch some birds, but the big push is over. Always a bit satisfying once the migration exhales and things ease a bit.

Leucistic second year first in over 6000 captures.

Saw-whets 2013

Saw-whets 2014

swets 2015

Saw-whets 2015

Hops in ice: 24 March 2009 Hops in ice: 24 March 2009 Aspen in ice:  24 March 2009

Backyard boreal (20 March 2009)  A male fisher in for lunch (17 March 2008).

Saw-whet boy's first saw-whet

 October 2002

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24 June 2006.  Ma-swet.  Already banded, still hanging tight with her brood.

24 June 2006. Four "ready to roll" saw-whets await USFWS bands and the opportunity to poop on the biologist. Note the adled egg in foreground

7 May 2006.  Four boreal owlets surrounded by 13 dead voles...mostly red-backed with a couple of meadow voles thrown in.  This box will smell yummy in a couple of weeks. 

The luckiest shot I have ever taken. 

6 May 2006.  A newly hatched boreal owl.  And I mean newly hatched...probably 2 days old.  Three eggs are ready to join him/her.  

A nest of 4 newly-hatched saw-whets, surrounded by 8 fat, red-backed voles. A female boreal at the box entrance. A female saw-whet waits for the nest-check to end

For 3 glorious, Strigidaen weeks, a northern hawk owl was my close neighbor.

Winter does not get any better than this.

7 May  2006.  A saw-whet nest with 6 eggs.  There is lichen and moss in the nest, and I didn't put it who did?   

Female Boreal Owl Long-eared Owl

10 January 2004.  Nikky didn't want to take the back roads, but look at what he would have missed.

Parents: It's 20:00, do you know where your children are?

Fifth graders from the Sawtooth Elementary School risk their lives for an evening with the saw-whets.   

16 March 2004.  I proudly hold a second year, male boreal owl.  His girlfriend watched while this picture was taken.

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"We common mortals, who cannot see in the dark, know very little about the courtship performance of the owls, except what we can learn from listening to their springtime voices" (A.C. Bent 1937).   
"I wish I could quit you."

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