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(first draft 3/8/94, updated 1/25/2000
picture updated 1/13/2007 and if I squish it any more, it won't be worth looking at. sorry it's so big.)

These began as my answers to a Survey I created, to get to know fellow Quantum Leap fans on AOL.
They have been embellished for non-Leaper consumption. [picture of Pam from 1999]

Name: Pamela J. Ashworth (J. is for Jaye as my father wanted a son. So of course I have a younger brother named Jay as well)

Location: Seminole, FL (as of May 2001), prior to that
Salem MA -- (for the last 12 years) prior to that, various towns in and around Boston, plus 10 months in Norfolk/Va. Beach VA in 1980.

Birthdate: 4/5/59. I'm 43 now, tho I still feel like I'm 12 (often act that way too <g>)

Marital Status: Previously... Married 8 years Dec. 23 1986 (Ever tried eloping 2 days before Christmas? What a day that was!) no kids.

Update: Ex-husband sent me to a QL Con in CA in Feb 95 and cleared out while I was gone, leaving me with next to no money and no income. My last job was in 1986.

Employment: Oh just look at the résumé... This stuff is too old.
I was most recently employed at CP Clare Corp. from 1997 to 1999, as the Product Compliance Specialist--which means that I handled all the documentation (paper and electronic files) for regulatory compliance (for you in the U.S., read "Underwriter's Laboratories" among others) for a company which manufactures Semiconductors and small electronic parts. I also designed the file system and the database to track the aforementioned records, and researced and recommended electronic scanning software for all that paper. Also, I created the procedures and write the documentation on how the files are kept in our department.
Due to a company reorganization, my job was replaced and I am currently "exploring other options." Check out my Resume

Computers: I bought a 486sx with DOS & Windows 2/12/93 and had to learn all by myself through trial and many, many errors! I love those "for Dummies" books...)

Update 9/97--The old dinosaur was finally upgraded to a Pentium 133 with 80MB of RAM. This was an adventure in itself (and not a happy one at that--it took about 3 weeks for someone to get it working properly). At least now my programs actually run!

Hobbies: My computer, Reading computer magazines to try to figure out what I am doing! Talking about Scott Bakula. Learning the Internet, Organizing everything in sight, Psychology (trying to figure out people), Decorating my house, designing my own dream house (one of the reasons I got the computer after wanting one for many years) Quantum Leap, Scott Bakula and Donny Osmond (since age 15),
I also love comedy about marriage (such as Ritch Shydner and Mad about You) and parodies of anything: Naked Gun type stuff. Oops, I forgot talking (a lot), travel (I love CA and the southwest), talking about Scott, some photography (we shot 21 rolls our last vacation--in '94, between us), e-mailing about Scott, dabbling in foreign languages : 5 years of French, 4 yrs Spanish, and self study of Polish has left me fluent in nothing--including English! and, oh yeah, did I mention talking about Scott?
I also recently completed the co-scripting and direction of a 12 episode Dark Shadows-based online story, performed by a wonderful group of friends on AOL.

TV: My favorite show at the moment is Ally McBeal, followed by The Pretender, with lesser obsessions for Mad About You, 7th Heaven, Spin City, Chicago Hope and E.R.

Occupation: Administrative Assistant with messy house!

On AOL from 12/11/93 to sometime in 2001 or 2002 (I forget)--also 1 month in spring of 94 and a couple of months in 94 on ($$$$) Compuserve. Previously on Cserve(rarely), AOL, Delphi, CRL, and the World--you name it, I've tried it. Now on Mindspring (direct internet access)

Quantum Leap Related Questions:

How long have you liked Quantum Leap? Officially since December 93, unofficially I was always meaning to watch it but I don't quite know what happened. First ep I saw was The Color of Truth and my main goal in QL watching was to see the First Episode. Kind of a let-down, though. I was wishing it had started at least a few days earlier--more background.

Status of fandom: Rabid Scott fan. Fairly rabid--I would not buy something just because he touched it--I would prefer something I could read, watch, listen to etc. All info about him however tiny, especially personal stuff about people meeting him is always desired! Also, any background or inside info on the show. But I am definitely suffering from MAJOR infatuation! Almost 9 years now.

Any Con's or Leap-Ins you have been to/are planning (to go to) in the future?
Went to Indy Leap 94, LeapCon 95 and OrlandoLeap '01. Have held get-togethers in my home. Time & money is a problem but I love to meet Scott fans.
Update October 2002 -- I have since met Scott at charity events in June '99, October 2000, February '01, and April '02, when I actually managed a couple minutes of coherent babble. I also got to see him and Chelsea perform in "I Do, I Do" in St Louis in June '02. My bank account is showing the wear and tear but the memories are wonderful...

Member of PQL Previously.

Do you have QL CD, RR, ACW or 3GN? ---all of the above. I only like one song from 3GN--so I put it on a tape with my favorites from the other 2.

For those who asked:
PQL is the official Fan Club with a quarterly magazine and monthly newsletter . Dues (last time I heard) are $15 the address … Well… you can email Margaret Colchin for more info.
RR phone #: The ordering info for Romance, Romance is--Footlight Records in NYC the phone # is (212)533-1572.
I have no address--only a phone #. At least that is where I ordered it from. I hear it is hard to find.
3GN is 3 Guys Naked from the Waist Down--another Broadway Show Scott did.

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