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Quantum Leap News and Rumors

December 21

QL -- Movie news?
the following was posted by Joy on the SBFF
--In, on Fri Dec 13, 2002 @ 7:00 pm, kip35@a... wrote:
DPB is writing a feature, a pilot for a series he wants to do in Australia, starting preliminary work on Quantum Leap for Sci-fi channgel and writing the spin off with Don McGill, which DPB will also direct AND he's answering all my questions coming from you. He will say no more on any of the above, so please don't ask me questions on any of it.

Now, please note that even though Joy says the source is reliable, I am not involved with the group and know nothing about the poster. So...  please don't take this as gospel, unless you have joined the yahoo group and done your own analysis on the source. :-) The last we heard, Don had yet to be contacted about the movie. 
For the record, though, when someone sent me an email that Scott was in negotiations to star in a Trek series, I didn't believe it either. So if you are curious, here's the link to join the jag group. (See? I didn't do much research, but I did a little bit...)
thanks to Joy

December 02, 2002
TV Guide -- Ask Matt
Question: I have heard the Sci Fi Channel is making a Quantum Leap movie that might be the start of a series. Since that report, I have heard no news about production. Being a fan of Quantum Leap, I am curious to know, is a TV movie being made? Chris

Matt: It's still in the developmental stages, and at the moment the plan is still to make a movie, then develop it into a series. The twist this time is that the movie and series may be built around a female Leap-er.

October 14, 2002

TV Guide -- Ask Matt
Question: Greetings from Mexico. I just want to know why Quantum Leap got canceled back in 1993. I love that show so much (in my opinion, it's the best ever). What are your thoughts on the show? (I agree with you on Six Feet Under. That show is so overrated.) Adrian

Matt: NBC bounced the show around a lot, but even so, a four-year run is pretty good for a prime-time network fantasy series that played like an anthology. I always enjoyed it, and thought Scott Bakula (now on Enterprise) and Dean Stockwell were great together. The good news for you is that cable's Sci Fi Channel is reviving the concept for a new series next year.

October 5

Dean -- Contact Address
Jill, the moderator for a Yahoo Discussion Group called the Sassies (Stockwell Appreciation Society) as well as their website has informed me that 
...Dean is no longer is with United Talent Agency and his new address is:
Dean Stockwell
c/o Diverse Talent Group
1875 Century Park E., Suite 2250
Los Angeles, CA 90067

thanks to Jill

September 19

News -- Scott on QL movie
At the MSN chat, yesterday, Jo asked Scott about the Quantum Leap movie and here is his answer.
JoOrlando1 in Onstage1: ...Scott, a Universal rep announced plans for a QL TV movie leading into a series. My question is with you in Enterprise and Dean on Jag, what would be the earliest [the submit window must have run out of room at this point, I know it happened to me a few times]]
Scott_Bakula_Live says: That would not be something that would include me. That's a USA Channel thing, they own the rights to "Quantum Leap."
thanks to Jo and Scott

August 4
Quantum Leap News -- Word from "the top"

QL Movie Update -- Scott not approached
Apparently -- according to PQL fan club's "source" in LA -- "Scott has not been contacted regarding the movie." Which leaves me to note that Scifi/Universal is just bandying his name about in order to get attention (and actually, that's a good thing, in a way -- it means his name carries some weight now; on the other hand, not happy with Scott being "used")
Margaret was also told that Don Bellisario had not been contacted either (he read the same announcement we did), so...
Here is our Directive from the Top:
quoting PQL...
Our LA friend says he hopes we boycott the movie and any new series, because it won't be the Quantum Leap we know and love. He also suggested we should write to someone and make our thoughts known.
and here is that address, again
again quoting PQL fan club (and you can visit their site for details):
if you'd like to write to SciFi and let them know what you think of a Quantum Leap movie without Scott and Dean, [emphasis Pam's] the address is:

Ms. Bonnie Hammer, President
SciFi Channel
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

Go get 'em, gang. 
Personally, I have no interest in any Quantum Leap which does not involve Scott and Dean (and someone who can actually write Quantum Leap)

Back to our regularly scheduled page...

Before we start... 

 Quantum Leap Movie News
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 Latest Scott Bakula Sightings
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Quantum Leap Websites

Here are some pointers to everyone's favorite QL related web sites.
These people did a lot of great work in rounding up QL info, so I wont duplicate it : )
Links to Scott websites can be found on the Scott info page until I move them to the Scott Links page

  THE Quantum Leap Episode Guide -- current as of  7/12/02

  Joy's Complete List of Quantum Leap Links -- this page was updated 7/24/01

  Jo's Quantum Cafe -- current as of 7/26/01
Current information about Quantum Leap, Scott Bakula, Dean Stockwell, John D'Aquino, and science fiction "stuff." Also a site for downloadable, high resolution, jpg photos.

 Brian's QL Information Kiosk -- current as of 7/26/01
Sounds, pix, fan fiction, episode listings for TV networks around the world.

  Tracy's Accelerator Chamber -- still in existence as of 7/26/01
Info on the series,episode guides, fan fiction lists and ordering info, pointers to other QL related files on the 'net.

 The Quantum Leap Archives -- updated 7/12/02
Episode guide *recommended*, fan fiction, sound files, pictures, transcripts of old Conventions and Presentations, more.
This archive is designed to hold Quantum Leap related information produced by the Usenet community

 The Quantum Leap newsgroup -- current as of 7/26/01
Discussions from the deep to the drooly...

  My AOL page -- This one needs work. For info on the Wednesday night chats, please email Helene Kaplan

Scott Websites

Info from the Internet Movie Database

  The Scott Sightings Page -- updated frequently
Latest Sightings -- TV, print, movies, Upcoming projects, talk show appearances, online chats, live performances, websites, personal experiences of fans (occasionally)

For more info on Scott, check out the BakulaNews Home Page

Ailsa Jenkins' Scott bio site -- current as of 7/26/01
Ailsa has a great Scott bio site. Check it out, she's very thorough. If Scott has done it, she has it listed.

 The Scott Bakula newsgroup -- current as of 7/26/01
More discussions from the deep to the drooly... news and updates

Trudy's Completely Scott -- current as of 02/11/03
Biography with sources and pictures from most periods of Scott's career.
Also hosts great Fan Discussion Forum

Dean Websites

Dean has a new fan site from The Sassies at yahoogroups -- current as of February 10, 2003

  Tracy's page on Dean

  Ruth's Dean Stockwell site -- current as of August 9, 2001

  Yahoo Discussion Group -- the Sassies (Stockwell Appreciation Society) and their website -- current as of October 20, 2005

I'm a Scott girl myself, so I didn't go digging for info on Dean. If anyone wants to fill in for my ignorance and give me a URL, please write me

Other Miscellaneous Stuff for QL and Scott fans


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Fan Clubs

Project Quantum Leap
PQL is an unofficial Fan Club with a quarterly magazine and monthly newsletter. Dues (for new members) are $17 the address is:

Project Quantum Leap,
P.O. Box 30784
Knoxville, TN 37930-0784

For up to date info -- please click visit PQL's Website -- current as of 7/26/01
or you can email Margaret Colchin

Karen Funk Blocher's in-depth Episode Summaries are not to be missed. : )


Addresses for fan mail

Scott Bakula
14431 Ventura Blvd.
Suite 359
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
This address is valid as of July 27, 2001
Dean Stockwell
c/o Diverse Talent Group
1875 Century Park E., Suite 2250
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Thanks to Jill (10/5/02)


Looking for Scott, Dean, or QL on TV?
In the US, try:
TV Guide Online **recommended**
Gist TV Listings

These are interactive TV guides,
You can search the TV schedules by day, time, channel or program type
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The information for ordering QL and Scott's CD's online and offline can be found on the Where to Buy Scott stuff page.

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Mary Anne Espenshade's Guide to Fan Fiction -- checked August 1, 2001, Last modified December 27, 2000
Includes reviews, mailing addresses and prices
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QL book rankings


Julie Barrett has gotten her QL book Quantum Leap A-Z published.
Her page has gone missing.. try

The old book by Louis Chunovic from Citadel Press (I think) has been updated to include the final seasons. The pictures are wonderful but the information contained in the book is far from accurate. You can search for this book at

Hal Schuster's book called The Making of Quantum Leap
Most of the info is pulled from the internet archives at , but there are two new tributes from Sally Smith and Anita Kilgour that you may find interesting.
The book is by Harper Prism, unauthorized, and is $5.50 in the U.S.
I only bought it as my name is in the credits, although I really didn't end up being much help, and declined after hearing the book was unauthorized.
In the future, I think I'm going to be much more interested in whether a book on QL is accurate, than whether it is authorized.

Real Photographs (the professional type)

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