Paul Flanagan

1552 Lakeport Court

Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Voice: 757-467-2357




Christopher Technology Consulting LLC

Founder and Principal Consultant

Christopher Technology Consulting LLC

1552 Lakeport Court

Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Voice: 757-373-1454

Fax: 810-885-5312


Professional Associations

Institute of Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS)

Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)

(formerly Data Processing Management Association)

Former Chair, Management Information Systems Commission, Roman Catholic Diocese of Richmond

Other Groups

Church of the Ascension, part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Richmond

Former Adjunct Faculty, Regent University School of Business

Catholic Biblical Apologetics , online lecture notes from a course that explores the Biblical roots of many Catholic Christian beliefs.


S.B., Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

S.M., Civil Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Despite the Civil Engineering tag, the field was actually Operations Research, for which there was no Masters degree at that time.


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