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Genealogical Records

Surnames in Birth Records (1851-1888)
The Jonava Research Group has translated over 3,500 birth records from Jonava. If you would like to join this group, please contact Peggy Mosinger Freedman.

Surnames in 1874 Family List
The 1874 Family List of Jonava was translated as a project of the Jonava Research Group in LitvakSig. LitvakSig has included these names in the All Lithuania Database.

Surnames in 1893 Craftsmen List
In 1893, the Central Statistical Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs surveyed the craftsmen of Kaunas Gubernia. Anatoly Chayesh has studied these records extensively. (See his article on the LitvakSIG On Line Journal. Use your web browser's "Back" button to return to this page.) The Jonava Research Group has translated the surveys for Jonava. This is a list of surnames mentioned in the Craftsmen Survey.

Cemetery Photographs
Susan Murray, a peace corps volunteer in Lithuania, took photographs of the Jonava Cemetery.

HaMelitz Database
View the 81 donors from Jonava in the "HaMelitz" database. For more information about this database, click here.

Jewish Genealogical Family Finder

Look for others researching your family names. Use your web browser's "Back" button to return to this page.

Personal Stories
Sue Atkinson described her visit to Jonava in the summer of 2000.

Frances Melamed described Jonava in her autobiographical book, Jonava.

Stories from the Jonava Yizkor Book
Izchak Judelevitch told the history of Jonava in a chapter of the yizkor book, Yizkor book in memory of the Jewish Community of Yanova.
Pictures of Jonava
Postcards of Jonava that Charles Fleishman's family brought back from a trip in 1926.

Randburg Corporation has posted information about contemporary Lithuania, including pictures and a description of Kaunas District (which includes Jonava) and several modern businesses in Jonava, Jonava Grain Company, Bega Stevedoring Company, and Achema Chemical CompanyUse your web browser's "Back" button to return to this page.


Jonava is in the Kaunas Uzyed (District) of Kaunas Gebernia, Lithuania. Kaunas was called Kovno in the 19th century. The name has been spelled variously as
  • Janova
  • Janovo
  • Janowa
  • Yanova
  • Yanove
  • Yonava
  • Ianovo
According to Where Once We Walked (Mokotoff and Sack) the Latitude/Longitude is 55' 05" / 24' 17". There are also a variety of similarly named villages in Poland.

The University of Texas at Austin Perry-Castañeda Library has posted maps of Lithuania showing the administrative districts and the main road and railways. View them here. Use your web browser's "Back" button to return to this page.

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