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A Coca-Cola Christmas Coca-Cola Santa



Christmas Snowman

The images you see here in my Coca-Coca Christmas Pages are from my collection. They are mostly taken from Phone Cards, Postcards, Bottle Hangers and Playing Cards. As you can tell I collect just about anything with the Coca-Cola Logo. The image to the left is a Phone Card. Phone Cards are one of my favorite Coca-Cola items to collect because there are so many different ones. I even have some from other countries.

Coca-Cola Christmas collection featuring polar bear postcard, santa and artwork by Haddon H.



The Santa images used in the collage above were created by Haddon H. Sundblom in the 1930's and 40's and are still extremely  popular today.




Well I hope you have enjoyed "A Coca-Cola Christmas" at Penny's Place. Please come back and visit again. I hope to add more pages soon.




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