Captain Munchies $5 Phone Card + Bonus!
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Captain Munchies $5 Phone Card + Bonus. Item #CM01
Price: $15.00

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Close Up of just the Phone Card.
This great phone card is from Captain Munchies in Australia. These Phone Cards are rapidly growing in popularity and continue to rise in price. I am one of the few to offer this card in the United States. Be Sure To Get Yours before they sell out. Many of the Captain Munchies Phone Cards have already Sold Out in Australia.

Your Bonus For purchasing the Captain Munchies $5 Phone Card will be a Prize Card also from Australia. These cards had to be inserted into a certain type of payphone to see if it was a winner.

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Your Free Bonus

   You will receive (Item #CM01):

1 Captain Munchies $5 Phone Card-Price: $15.00
1 Prizecard-Bonus (Free)

Both Cards are in Mint Condition.

If you have any question please just drop me an E-mail.
I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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