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Coca-Cola Clocks

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Coca-Cola Enjoy Red Clock
Coca-Cola Enjoy wall clock, battery operated, measures 12" round, hand painted red glass clock, great retro look, gift boxed.


Coca-Cola White Enamel Clock
White enamelware Coca-Cola clock, measures a 10" diameter...battery operated.


Coca-Cola Ice Cubes Wall Clock
Coca- Cola wall clock, battery operated, gift boxed.


Coca-ColaŽ Retro Wall Clock
Retro chrome accents, shadowed numbers, tapered hands, convex glass face, quartz analog movement,this clock measures 9.5" x 9.5" x 2.5", requires one "AA" battery, not included.


Coca-ColaŽ Neon Bottle Round Clock
Measures 16" round, red neon, adapter included, silver rim, gift boxed.


Coca-ColaŽ Key Rack Clock
Measures 15" wide, key rack/clock combination, uses 1 AA battery.


Coca-ColaŽ Diner Anniversary Clock
Retro anniversary clock, stands 7" high, couples spin around on pendulum, battery operated, gift boxed.


Coca-Cola Lunchbox Clock
Metal lunch tin, measures 3" x 4", opens up to display miniature Coke clock, can be closed when not in use to display as a lunch tin.


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