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Coca-Cola Collectible Dolls

Here you will find Coca-Cola collectibles dolls.

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Madame Alexander Soda Shop Coke Doll

Madame Alexander Soda Shop Coke Doll
From Madame Alexander. A dainty miss from a bygone era enjoys a refreshing Coke(R). Dressed in a white and red taffeta dress with matching straw hat and satin shoes, she's a fully articulated Total Moves Wendy
(TM) designed in collector-quality vinyl, with blinking eyes and a cascade of curls. She'll perch on the wire soda shop chair with padded cushion, or stand alone. 8" tall. Limited quantities.


Take Home Coca Cola Doll

Take Home Coca Cola Doll
This Take Home Coca-Cola(R) Doll from Madame Alexander is dressed in a white pleated dress with a yellow coat, gloves, and flower-trimmed tam. Little red haired beauty has brought along a 6-pack of Coke(R), as well as the vintage advertisement that inspired her design. She's a fully articulated Total Moves Wendy(TM) doll designed in collector-quality vinyl with blinking eyes. 8' 'tall.

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