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Penny's Place - Coca-Cola Collection and Collectibles

Coca-Cola Despenser and misc. Kitchen Accessories

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Coca-Cola 5 Cent
Napkin Dispenser

Coca-Cola Retro
Napkin Dispenser

Coca-Cola Diner
Napkin Dispenser

Coca-Cola Lazy Susan

Coca-Cola Diamond Napkin Dispenser

Coca-Cola Glass Serving Tray  

  Coca-Cola Napkin Dispenser

 Coca-Cola Tin
Straw Holder

 Coca-Cola Retro Beverage Bucket

Coca-Cola Ice Cold
Serving Tray

Coca-Cola Retro
Napkin Holder

Coca-Cola Retro
Serving Tray

Coca-Cola Logo Ice Bucket

Coca-Cola Beverage Bucket

Coca-Cola Bottle
Condiment Caddy

Cookie Barrel

Coca-Cola Red Oval
Serving Tray

Coca-Cola Paper
Plate Holder

Coca-Cola Straws

Coca-Cola Fountain Service Napkin Dispenser

Chip N Dip Tray

Coca-Cola Sugar Caddy

Coca-Cola Toothpick Dispenser

Coca-Cola Retro
Straw Holder

Coca-Cola 50ct. cups for cup dispenser

Cup Dispenser

Coca-Cola Fountain Service Napkin Holder

Coca-Cola Wood
Serving Tray

Coca-Cola Sugar Dispenser  

Coca-Cola Glass/Chrome Strawholder 

 Coca-Cola Wood
Napkin Holder

 Coca Cola
Magnets Set

Gourmet Bottle

Coca-Cola 50ct retro
cups for dispenser

Coca-Cola Retro Cup Dispenser

Coca-Cola Legacy
Utensil Caddy

Coca-Cola Condiment Server

Coca-Cola Legacy
Beverage Bucket

Coca-Cola Refreshing Tray 

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