"Let it be told to the future world, that in the depth of winter, when nothing but hope and virtue could survive, that the city and the country, alarmed at one common danger, came forth to meet... it."
- from "The Crisis" as quoted by Barack Obama, January 20, 2009



Thomas Paine: Sharp engraving after portrait by George Romney 1792

"You all remember," said the Controller, in his strong deep voice, "you all remember, I suppose, that beautiful and inspired saying of Our Ford's: History is bunk. History," he repeated slowly, "is bunk."

He waved his hand; and it was as though, with an invisible feather whisk, he brushed away a little dust, and the dust was Harappa, was Ur of the Chaldees; some spider-webs, and they were Thebes and Babylon and Cnossos and Mycenae. Whisk. Whisk - and where was Odysseus, where was Job, where were Jupiter and Gotama and Jesus? Whisk - and those specks of antique dirt called Athens and Rome, Jerusalem and the Middle Kingdom - all were gone. Whisk - the place where Italy had been was empty. Whisk, the cathedrals; whisk, whisk King Lear and the Thoughts of Pascal. Whisk, Passion; whisk, Requiem; whisk, Symphony; whisk . . . . "That's why you're taught no history," the Controller was saying.

-Brave New World, Aldous Huxley

Including the historic town of Morristown, New Jersey. During a visit to see their rare statue of Paine, we were told that of all the statues in town, and there are many, it was the only one not maintained on a regular basis. Sad but fitting neglect.

It's not just The States. Please see our expanded Paris section.

The Bordentown Historical Society was responsible for initiating and constructing only the third public monument to Paine in the U.S. This statue, located in Bordentown, New Jersey, was unveiled and dedicated with much fanfare and half the national colonial war re-creation forces on June 7, 1997 (the weekend of the 188th anniversary of Paine's death).

There are only five statues, worldwide, dedicated to the life and historic significance of Paine:

Paris, France

Thetford, England

Morristown, New Jersey New Rochelle, New York
Bordentown, New Jersey

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