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Graubünden Grisons Grissons Grigioni Graubuenden Graubunden Grischun

Graubünden From Independent Jurisdiction to Cantonal District. Click on the map below for details on each district.

[ Graubuenden Map ]

Useful Historical Maps

The above Rhätian Republic map without the colors. (GIF: 14K)
Die Gemeindenamen Graubündens from Rätisches Namenbuch. (JPG: 920K)
Karte des Freistaats der III Buende zur Zeit seiner Groessten Ausdehnung (GIF: 113K)
Karte des Bistums Chur (GIF: 117K)
Karte der Praehistorischen und Roemischen Siedelungen in Graubünden (GIF: 217K)
A more detailed color map of Rhætiæ Republic Communes (GIF: 110K) by Joaquín de Salas email address:
19c atlas of the Roman world: Rhaetia (JPG: 764K)

Early Modern Democracy in the Grisons: Social Order and Political Language in a Swiss Mountain Canton, 1470-1620 by Randolph C. Head
Cambridge University Press, 1995.
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Be sure to look at the Bibliography on Graubünden from his dissertation.

Jenatsch's Axe: Social Boundaries, Identity, and Myth in the Era of the Thirty Years' War (Changing Perspectives on Early Modern Europe)
by Randolph C. Head
ISBN: 1580-46276-6
Publisher: University of Rochester Press
Publish Date: 2008-06-15

German - Romance contact: Name-giving in Walser Settlements (in Raetia)
By Peter Nichols Richardson
Published by Rodopi, 1974
ISBN 9062032214, 9789062032211
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Walser Volkstum in der Schweiz, in Vorarlberg, Liechtenstein und Piemont
Paul Zinsli 1986
Wappen der Ano 1854 lebenden Geschlechter der Stadt Chur zusammen getragen aus Wappenbuchern, alterer und neuerer Zeit so wie Sigillen und Pettschaften in der Sammlung Bundner seher Wappen von Anton Sprecher von Berneug in Chur. Email me and I will send you back the image for the surname you request.

Cultural Preservation in the Romansh Landscape: A Geography of the Romansh Movement. A Dissertation by Dr. Erik Prout

SWISS-ROMANSH A Geographical Perspective


Account of the Romansh Language by Esq. F. R. S. Joseph Planta

Kreiswappen Kanton Graubünden
References: Library of Citations regarding the History of Graubünden.
Amerikanerbrief : Transcription of Travel letters written in 1844 detailing the trip from Switzerland to Hermann Missouri.
Letters from America Translation of the above travel letters.
Auswanderung aus Untervaz Während des 19. Jahrhunderts by Martin Krättli


The local genealogical societies are :





Geneal Forum is a discussion board for all genealogists researching specific locations. Message Board.


Switzerland DNA Project
Family Tree DNA (USA)

iGENEA DNA-Genealogie
iGENEA Généalogie par ADN
Origins analysis with DNA genealogy
Herkunftsanalyse mit DNA-Genealogie
Genealogia del DNA - Introduzione
La généalogie par ADN qu'est-ce que c'est?

Canton Archives and Libraries :

Reichsgasse 37
CH - 7001 Chur

CH - 7001 Chur

Terra Grischuna, Zeitschrift für Natur, Kultur und Freizeit in Graubünden.

Terra Grischuna Verlag
CH-4103 Bottmingen
Tel. 61 401 0011 Fax 61 401 5005
Subscription cost: CHF 69 to overseas addresses in 1997. This is a very high quality magazine, printed on glossy paper, with lots of color photographs.

SPIN - Ihr Internet-Provider für Graubünden und das Sarganserland mit Einwählknoten in Chur, Landquart, Küblis, Thusis und Sargans.

Homepage des Bistums Chur

Evangelisch-Reformierte Landeskirche des Kantons Graubünden

The Reformation in the Grisons. Comander. Gallicius. Campell.

Bericht Emigration Brasilien

Les châteaux (Castles) du Canton des Grisons

Lia Rumantscha

Romansh Language by Joseph Planta, Esq. F. R. S.

JEGEN-Familien aus Klosters und Seewis.

URSUS, URSA, L'ORSA from Maloja, Silvaplauna and other locations the Engadine Valley. Contact Anthony L'Orsa"

HOFMEISTER, LOTSCHER (LUETSCHER) familes possibly from Luzein and Haldenstein. Contact Peg at

GREST family from Jenaz and Zizers. Contact Keith GREST at

MICHEL , JOST and NIGG families from Igis. Contact Margaret M. Self at

REIDT family from Serneus and Bergun. Contact Jerry REIDT at

MARUGG family from Klosters and Serneus. Contact

DANUSER family from Mastrils. Contact Lee Kirchner at

CADOSCH family from Chur. Contact Nicholas FRENCH at

JENNI and HEINRICH families from Igis. Contact Robert ESTERLY at

CASSUTT family from Fellers and FAZENDIN families from the District of Disentis. Contact Liz PALMER at

SENTI of Seewis im Prättigau, Graubünden late 1700's-1850 with a few later in the U. S. Contact Shirley Custer Kaiser at

The Surname FAZENDIN Compiled by David W. Shaw

HEMMI family from Malix. Contact Marianne HEMMY at

MENG family from Trimmis. Contact David NEERMAN at

KRATTLI family from Untervaz. Contact Ron Kraettli:

ALLEMANN family from Untervaz. Contact Kevin Allemann :

HUG family from Untervaz. Contact Courtney HUG at

JUST and BOESCH families from Maienfeld. Contact Timothy Philipp at

RUFNER family from Maienfeld. Contact Peggy RUFNER at

For the following families from Maienfeld, contact Bob STAGER at stager@MNSi.Net

Complete list of towns as indexed in the Volkszählung 1835 Graubünden. Included is the Jurisdiction and the LDS Film number.
Here are copies of the actual census data for the following towns: (Under constuction!)
Serneus i.S.
St. Antönien

Complete list of communities taken from Mario von Moos' location index in Kanton Graubünden.

Under constuction is a LDS reference list for micro films that are available for each town in Kanton Graubünden.


Gasconade County Swiss. Information regarding Swiss Immigrants to Gasconade County Missouri.

Essential References for researcing Swiss Ancestors.

Swiss in Brazil

Guide to Switzerland: Graubuenden

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Internet Sources of German Genealogy

Switzerland HQ Resource Directory


The Swiss Connection (Swiss-American genealogical newsletter, web page by FEEFHS)

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