Graubunden Family and Town Contacts

HOFMEISTER, LOTSCHER (LUETSCHER) familes possibly from Luzein and Haldenstein. Contact Peg at

JENNI and HEINRICH families from Igis. Contact Robert ESTERLY at

MICHEL , JOST and NIGG families from Igis. Contact Margaret M. Self at

GREST family from Jenaz and Zizers. Contact Keith GREST at

REIDT family from Serneus and Bergun. Contact Jerry REIDT at

MARUGG family from Klosters and Zizers. Contact

DANUSER family from Mastrils. Contact Lee Kirchner at

CADOSCH family from Chur. Contact Nicholas FRENCH at

CASSUTT family from Fellers and FAZENDIN families from the District of Disentis. Contact Liz PALMER at

The Surname FAZENDIN Compiled by David W. Shaw

HEMMI family from Malix. Contact Marianne HEMMY at

MENG family from Trimmis. Contact David NEERMAN at

ALLEMANN family from Untervaz. Contact Kevin Allemann :

HUG family from Untervaz. Contact Courtney HUG at

JUST and BOESCH families from Maienfeld. Contact Timothy Philipp at

RUFNER family from Maienfeld. Contact Peggy RUFNER at

For the following families from Maienfeld, contact Bob STAGER at stager@MNSi.Net