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1. 5,440,502 Stylus operable computer with wireless keyboard in storage bay
2. 5,438,682 Data processing system for rewriting parallel processor output data using a sequential processor
3. 5,432,935 Emulation for executing a second language application program on a computer having a first language operating system
4. 5,430,864 Extending computer architecture from 32-bits to 64-bits by using the most significant bit of the stack pointer register to indicate word size
5. 5,423,014 Instruction fetch unit with early instruction fetch mechanism
6. 5,420,992 Backward-compatible computer architecture with extended word size and address space
7. 5,418,915 Arithmetic unit for SIMD type parallel computer
8. 5,410,657 Method and system for high speed floating point exception enabled operation in a multiscalar processor system
9. 5,404,563 Scheduling normally interchangeable facilities in multiprocessor computer systems
10. 5,404,467 CPU having pipelined instruction unit and effective address calculation unit with retained virtual address capability
11. 5,404,321 Computer system and method for modifying and enhancing the built-in programs of a computer
12. 5,398,321 Microcode generation for a scalable compound instruction set machine
13. 5,390,320 Automatically converting structured analysis tool database outputs into an integrated simulation model via transportable standardized metafile
14. 5,386,521 Instruction prefetching circuit with a next physical address precalculating circuit
15. 5,377,337 Method and means for enabling virtual addressing control by software users over a hardware page transfer control entity
16. 5,369,759 Call information based matching system for stored program-controlled switching system
17. 5,357,626 Processing system for providing an in circuit emulator with processor internal state
18. 5,339,261 System for operating application software in a safety critical environment
19. 5,337,415 Predecoding instructions for supercalar dependency indicating simultaneous execution for increased operating frequency
20. 5,325,512 Circuit emulator
21. 5,313,618 Shared bus in-circuit emulator system and method
22. 5,309,562 Method and apparatus for establishing protocol spoofing from a modem
23. 5,301,333 Tree structured variable priority arbitration implementing a round-robin scheduling policy
24. 5,287,490 Identifying plausible variable length machine code of selecting address in numerical sequence, decoding code strings, and following execution transfer paths
25. 5,287,487 Predictive caching method and apparatus for generating a predicted address for a frame buffer
26. 5,276,817 System for splitting and connecting computer bus lines
27. 5,226,165 Database search processor for real-time adaptive searching based on request and data structure

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