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Vol. 5 No. 1
January 26, 1999

Philip June,

Doctor of Curmudgeonry, announces an update to his personal website. This will be incarnation number four for this site. Gone are the animated gifs (well at least most of them), and the frames. The new layout resembles a newspaper, and employs thumbnail graphics, clickable to full size at user's option. Users will not have to wait for the full graphics set to download if they don't want it. This website is best viewed with a monitor resolution of 1024 x 768, using Netscape Navigator.

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ME109 glider

New Glider in Development

June Aircraft Company announced today the construction of a new glider prototype. Designated the ME109, this glider is completely constructed of EPP foam. This material makes the glider virtually indestructible; a good thing for flying in Arizona! The owner and CEO of June Aircraft, Mr. PJ June, has many other interests besides aviation. Read further for more information.

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We shall not cease from exploration,
And the end of all our exploring,
Will be to arrive where we started,
And know the place for the first time.

t.s. eliot

Local Man Found Ranting and Raving

Police were called to the scene of an apparently hysterical man pontificating on a soapbox at Reid Park on Sunday. Police had to contain the somewhat enthusiastic crowd from a near riotous state. Police allowed the man to distribute printed copies of his manifesto before they carted him off to the pokey. The following is a reprint of this insane document:

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Tucson Engineer Celebrates 23 Years with Raytheon Systems

Senior Engineer Philip J. June of Tucson recently celebrated 23 years with Raytheon Systems Company, formerly Hughes Electronics. Mr. June currently works on the EAGLE program, a revolutionary new computerized logistics system. Mr. June is part of a team of inventors that have earned the company four patents in the area of logistics. (The photo shows Pete McNaughton, Vice President and Division Manager presenting patent awards to Al Baron, Tony Zucco, and Philip June)

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The Daily Curmudgeon banner

The Corvette

Local Author Publishes Album of Photographs

Noted author P. J. June has recently published his autobiographical collection of photographs. Titled "The Big Bozo", or, "Screw You Too". These photographs are part of an extensive collection gathered over many years of his life's journeys. Photographs include some from early childhood and his youth in Hornell, New York, his university years followed by Army service. Recent photos are somewhat hard to come by since he has developed a severe aversion to cameras in his later years.

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Personal Data
Soapbox Rantings
Movie Reviews

Siskel and Ebert Joined by Third Reviewer

Local Tucsonan Phil June has joined the noted film critic team of Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert. Mr. June says that he "hopes to attain some balance between the excessively critical Siskel and the excessively fat Ebert". "I bring the working man's views to the pot", says Mr. June. "Siskel and Ebert are a bit snooty in their reviews, but I have a proletariat view of movies that I think the average movie goer will appreciate." Current reviews follow.

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Sunset scene

Tucson -- Things to See and Do

New to Tucson? Looking for something different to do? Check out the happenings in Tucson.

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