Resume of Mr. Philip J. June:

Employed by Raytheon Systems Company (formerly Hughes Aircraft Company) for 22 years. Last position held was senior project engineer for EAGLE projects; duties included: develop application software and documentation necessary to computerize production of technical documentation; assist in development of Automated Logistics Process (patented), particularly in regard to CALS and SGML requirements; develop methods and programs for automated tagging of database records IAW MIL-M-28001; establish and maintain quality methods and operating procedures; develop software interfaces and drivers necessary to satisfy MILSPEC contract deliverables; research, evaluate and direct purchases and upgrades necessary to maintain state-of-the-art production methods.

Previous Positions/Duties: Project Engineer/Engineering Specialist with Hughes Missile Systems Company; MTS, Project Engineer in Technical Publications Section; Project Director, PHOENIX missile Automatic Test Set (ATS) maintenance manuals; Engineer-Writer for PHOENIX missile software documentation; Project Supervisor for Automation Projects; Art & Production Supervisor, Technical Data Section.

Experience: 25+ years experience in all aspects of technical publications--writing, editing, art (CAD), production, and quality control of documentation for both hardware and software systems. Knowledgeable in PC operating systems (DOS, Windows, NT, OS/2), applications (WORD, WordPerfect, PowerPoint, CorelDraw, PhotoFinish, PhotoStyler), development languages (VisualBasic, WORDBasic, FORTRAN, Assembly, object code), markup languages (SGML, HTML) and Internet protocols, etc.

Engineering Experience: Communication-Electronics Systems Engineer, HQ US Army Strategic Communications Command (STRATCOM, 1971-1973); Staff Action Officer, Chief of Staff, HQ STRATCOM (1971-1973); Communications Center Officer-In-Charge, HQ STRATCOM (1971).

Technical Experience: Television/Radio Service Technician, Assistant Manager, Teledyne Service Co. Branch #44 (1973-1974); Electrical Engineering Laboratory Calibration and Repair Technician, University of Arizona (1969); Lighting & Sound Technician, Hornell High School/Civic Auditorium (1964-1966); Advanced Class Amateur Radio license WA7LJT; First Class FCC Commercial Radiotelephone license.

Supervisory/Leadership Experience: U.S. Army Reserve Commission (1971); Resident Assistant, University of Arizona (1968-1970); Battalion Operations Officer, Cadet Major ROTC, University of Arizona, (1969-1970); Youth Budget Chairman (1964), First Presbyterian Church, Hornell, N.Y.


Army Commendation Medal -- 1973
Communications-Electronics Association Honor Award -- 1971
First Place Physics, All-State Science Congress --1963


Automated Generation of Technical Publications
U.S. Patent 5,457,792, October 10, 1995,
co-inventor for Hughes Aircraft Company, Assignee

Automated Logistics Process - LSAR And Engineering
U.S. Patent 5,493,679, February 20, 1996,
co-inventor for Hughes Aircraft Company, Assignee

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