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Who is Kenneth C. Flint?

Kenneth C. Flint (pseudonym: Casey Flynn) is a relatively unknown author of fantasy, and lately, science fiction. Most of his works are Celtic or Irish fantasies, but several of his latest novels, Cromm, Otherworld and The Darkening Flood, take these themes to another level and fall under the genre of "Dark Fantasy".He has also written a pair of Star Wars short stories for his publisher, Bantam Books. In 2004, he has published a historical fiction novel through IUniverse.  For biographical information.

Novels as Kenneth C. Flint

Stand Alone
Sidhe Series A Storm Upon Ulster (The Hound of Culain), 1981
Riders of the Sidhe, 1984 Isle of Destiny, 1988
Champions of the Sidhe, 1985 Cromm, 1989
Master of the Sidhe, 1985 Otherworld, 1991
Legends Reborn, 1992
Finn MacCumhal Series The Darkening Flood, 1994
Challenge of the Clans, 1986 On Earth's Remotest Bounds : Year One: Blood and Water, 2004
Storm Shield, 1986
Dark Druid, 1987

Short Stories as Kenneth C. Flint

"Doctor Death: The Tale of Dr. Evanzan and Ponda Baba" (From Star Wars: Tales From The Mos Eisley Cantina), 1995
"Old Friends: Ephant Mon's Tale" (From Star Wars:Tales From Jabba's Palace), 1996

Novels as Casey Flynn

Gods of Ireland Series
Most Ancient Song, 1991
The Enchanted Isles, 1991

E-Books By Kenneth C. Flint

In 2001, Awe-Struck E-Books released Riders of the Sidhe in electronic format. You can visit their site to check it out (many different formats - HTML, Palm, etc). Riders of the Sidhe E-Book.

In 2004, Flint released On Earth's Remotest Bounds : Year One: Blood and Water in Adobe PDF format from IUniverse or Amazon.

Book Reviews

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Darkening Flood Review


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