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Volume 4  Issue 9
December 1999

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In this issue:

1. Minutes of November Meeting
2. November’s class on Alarm Systems
3. Chairman's Corner
4. SafeTech 2000
5. Mas Hamilton Power Lever Class
6. Names & Numbers
7. Pictures from the Alarm Class


1. Minutes of November Meeting

      The November 1999 meeting of the Georgia Chapter, ALOA was called to order by the chairman, Steve Gebbia.  There were 18 members present.  Steve asked for old or new business from the floor, none coming forth, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn.  The meeting was then turned over to Frank Campbell of Ademco for the class on Alarm systems.  (Can you tell we were in a hurry to get the class started?)

2. November’s class on Alarm Systems

      After a short introduction, Frank Campbell of Ademco turned the class over to Mike Ferguson.  Mike is Ademco’s Technical Manager and has forgotten more about alarms than most of us will ever know.  The first three-quarters of the class covered the basics and some of the history of alarm systems as well some of Ademco’s history.  The last hour or two is when things really got interesting.  That's when we got to wire and program an alarm panel.  We broke up into teams of 3 and each team had a VISTA-10se panel, keypad, door switch, wireless contact, and wireless remote to wire and program.  For an experienced tech this is about a 15-minute process, so Mike gave us and hour and a half.  Sorry Mike, but that just wasn't enough time for my group.  But if was fun trying and we almost got it done.
      The good news is that Mike said he would be happy to repeat the class anytime we wanted to.  What do say folks, would you like to schedule another Alarm Class?
      Our thanks to Mike Ferguson and Frank Campbell and all of the folks at Admeco for putting on such a good class.  And thanks to Armstrongs for hosting the class!

3. Chairman's Corner

        Happy Holidays,
        In November, Ademco presented an excellent class on burglar alarms.  Although there was considerable discussion about particular products (or types of protection devices), the primary focus of the class was concerned with "doing it the right way".  Much of this focused on installations as they relate to Life Safety Codes.  Proper selection and placement of protection devices was also covered.
      Our instructor not only knew his material backwards and forwards, he kept the students interested at all times.  Although Ademco is a manufacturer and has their own distribution network (through ADI), he kept the class very manufacturer non-specific.  We thank him for his time, and for an enjoyable class taught by a professional.  Our thanks also go out to John Grist for contacting Ademco to arrange this class.
     Coming up we will be sponsoring another PRP exam in the spring.  Details to follow once a suitable location is found.
      We are also looking at hosting several ACE classes next year.  There are several excellent classes available and we would like to bring you as many as we can.  Right now we are looking at holding one or more in other parts of the state to make them more readily available to our members not in the Atlanta area.  One possibility being discussed involves hosting 2 full day classes.  In order to do this however, we need to make sure we have a suitable facility with a classroom large enough to comfortably hold a large group.  Additionally, it must be in a fairly central location so that it will easy for students from a wide area to attend.  One way to do this is to hold our classes in conjunction with other locksmith-related events already scheduled.
      We'll have more details at our January meeting.
     In the meantime, take a few moments out of your holiday shopping to think about your business and this past year.  Think about what you can do next year to make yourself a better locksmith.  What area(s) of your business do you not spend enough time working on?  What new skills would allow you to do a better, more professional job? Are some of your old skills getting a little rusty? Do you find yourself saying "Sorry, we don't to that type of work" a lot? Well, if you get a regular flow of calls for a particular type of work, maybe you should consider learning what you need to know to do that work.  Then, sit back for a minute.  Choose one thing you can do to improve your business, your skills, or your professionalism.  Make that your priority for next year.  Just one thing.
      Happy holidays to you and yours,
      Steve ?

4. SafeTech 2000

      The next SAFETECH is going to be in our own back yard.  It will be held in Birmingham, Alabama and if you are less than an expert when it comes to safes and safe locks this is an ideal opportunity to improve your safe skills.  It will be a long time before SafeTech is this close again, so make your plans now to attend SAFETECH 2000.  Don't worry if you're not a member of SAVTA, nonmembers are more than welcome.  Call or fax the numbers below for more info. Classes fill up early so don't hesitate!
      SAFETECH 2000
      May 1-6  Birmingham, Alabama
      Birmingham Jefferson Convention
      Complex and Sheraton Hotel
      fax 214-827-1810

5. Mas Hamilton Power Lever Class

      The next GA-ALOA Class will be class will be held on Saturday Jan 15, 2000 at IDN/Armstrong, 9 am - 1pm.  This class will be taught by a Mas-Hamilton Instructor and will cover their Powerlever.  The class size will be limited to 15 students so don't dally register now!  The registration fee is $10.00

6. Names & Numbers

      Steve Gebbia, CML
      770-455-8080 (fax)

      Danny Rudd, CPL

      Secretary / Treasurer
      Breck Camp, CML

      Newsletter Editor
      Paul Mannen, CML
      770-455-9944 (fax)

7. Pictures from the Alarm Class

      To view and / or download the pictures goto

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