The Aura & Seven Chakras

The Aura & Seven Chakras

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We hope hope that you will find this introduction to the Aura and the Seven Chakras to be useful and informative. This document provides basic information regarding the aura, the chakras, exercises in seeing and feeling the aura and possible things which can be done with the aura. This is only an introduction to the subject. At the end is a list of books which will give you more information on the aura and the chakra system. You can also look at the Pagan Reading List available on The Mystic Gryphon web site.

The discussion has been broken into topics as shown below. You can read straight through the document or jumpt to a topic by clicking on the title.

The Aura and the Seven Chakras

Table of Contents



The Seven Major Chakras and Functions of the Aura

The Auric Layers with respect to each Chakra

Sensing and Seeing the Aura

	Exercise 1 - Feeling the aura

Exercise 2 - Feeling the aura

Exercise 3 - Feeling the aura

Exercise 4 - Seeing the aura

Exercise 5 - Seeing the aura

Exercise 6 - Seeing the aura

Now that I know the Aura exists what do I do?

Shielding with the Aura

Balancing and Energizing the Chakras and Aura

Gathering Information

Pushing People and Objects with your Aura

Auric Flare (An offensive defense)

Changing your Life

Auric Healing

Psychic Squeegee



We live in a sea of energy. Everything is energy. Matter is nothing more than energy vibrating at a very low and fixed rate in a cohesive pattern. The human body is simply a complex network of energy patterns which interact with each other and with other energy patterns.

The body is composed of energy vibrating at certain rates, existing in a specific form, solid matter. Everything vibrates. This concept is nothing new to Hermeticists and other practitioners of the magickal arts; it has been known for many thousands of years. Western science has only recently progressed to a point where it understands that everything vibrates.

All matter, regardless of size, produces a magnetic field. Magnetism is a form of energy. Thanks to the advancements in quantum physics we now understand that magnetism is one of the fundamental forces of the universe. The human body, being comprised of compressed energy, has mass and therefore a magnetic field.

The human body also has another important characteristic: it is comprised of a series of electro- chemical reactions. For example, respiration (breathing) is a chemical reaction. Signals to cause muscles to contract and release are carried through electrical signals. Information is transferred throughout the nervous system by a series of electro-chemical reactions.

Energy is neither created nor destroyed, only the form changes. Since the human body has mass it produces a magnetic field. In addition, the body is driven by a series of electro-chemical reactions. The interaction of the resulting fields (electric and magnetic) combines to form what Western science now terms, "The Bio-Energetic Field".

The bio-energetic field surrounds the body and varies in strength and density. It has been measured to extend between an inch and three feet from the body. Many Eastern schools of thought and magickal traditions have long known of the existence of the energy field which surrounds the body and have discovered it uses. Western science is finally maturing to the point where it too beings to grasp the importance and uses of the energy field which surrounds us. This field, known to many traditions for long periods of time, is called The Aura.

The Aura is the energy field which surrounds our body and interacts with forces within our environment. This energy field has several different functions. The aura regulates the amount of energy within our system, it serves as an advanced contact system with other energy fields, it can be used in the diagnosis and treatment of illness, it can be strengthened to provide a means of defense, it can be used to extend your awareness and make you invisible and can even be used in an offensive manner if the need arises. These are but a few functions of the aura.

The aura has been visible to those with the "sight" as long as people have possessed this ability. The auras of some people have been visible to those without the "sight". These cases usually involved people who were filled with energy or very passionate about something. Strong emotion tends to strengthen the aura and can make it visible to the untrained eye, especially when observed against a dark background.


Western science has made some fairly amazing insights into the human energy field. These insights grew at a phenomenal rate starting in the 1800's continuing through present day. Perhaps one of the first "modern" scientists to measure and quantify the aura was Baron Karl von Reichenbach (also Count Wilheim von Reichenbach depending on the source). In 1858, von Reichenbach reported finding "emanations" coming from plants, animals, humans, gems and other materials. Over the course of more than 30 years he experimented with these emanations which he termed the "odic" force. He discovered that the odic force, or field, had many of the same properties as described by James Clerk Maxwell in relation to electrical and magnetic fields.

The first visual images obtained of the aura are credited to Dr. William Kilner in 1911. Dr. Kilner used various screens and dyes to capture images of the aura. Another method he used was to have the viewer stare into a bright light through a strong alcoholic mixture and then look at a subject. This method proved to be detrimental to the sight of the viewer. Dr. Kilner perfected his dye technique and was able to capture images of the field surrounding the body. The technique he perfected is called the "Kilner Screen". In addition, Dr. Kilner appears to have been the first Western scientist to call this energy field the "aura". Kilner spent a great deal of time observing the aura of various subjects and learned that the energy field varied greatly from person to person and from physical condition to physical condition. He developed a diagnosis system based on the color, texture, volume and appearance of the energy field.

Dr. George La Warr and Dr. Ruth Drown contributed to the exploration of the aura with new devices for detecting radiation coming from living tissues. These new devices and techniques became known as Radionics, a system of detection, diagnosis and healing.

One of the other early pioneers in the study of the energy field was a Russian scientist named Semyon Kirlian who worked during the 1940's. Kirlian worked with a known process called "electrography" or "electrographic photography". This process had been known since 1898 when a Russian, Yakov Narkevich Yokdo displayed his work at a photographic exhibit. Kirlian and his wife, Valentina, took this work much further and developed many new techniques and methods. The first photographs were taken in black and white and eventually they pioneered the technique to taking color photographs of the aura. The techniques that he and his wife discovered are now know as "Kirlian Photography". Kirlian photography is not widely accepted by the scientific community because of the number of things which can influence the resulting pictures. However, anyone who has seen the aura will immediately recognize what is being photographed!

The study of the human energy field has steadily grown since the work of these early pioneers. Western science is now beginning to understand that the magnetic field produced by tissue and organs varies with certain types of illness. CAT scans and MRIs are just two of the methods used by modern science to measure and photograph the energy field of parts of the body. In addition, healers are now working with scientists to find ways of duplicating what sensitive people have known about the aura for many years.

The Seven Major Chakras and Functions of the Aura

The primary function of the aura is to regulate the energy within the body. The regulation of energy is accomplished through a series of energy transfer points called the Chakras. The chakras perform the actual work of regulating the energy. However, it is impossible to separate the chakra from the aura as it is the chakra which helps to form the aura.

Classical thought maintains that there are seven major chakras, or energy transfer points, on the body. Each chakra is located in a specific area, has a specific name and a specific set of functions. In addition to the seven major chakras there are twenty one minor chakras which correspond to the twenty one major acupressure points on the body. There are over 120 additional chakra points scattered across the body which also correspond to acupressure points or nerve bundles. A new school of thought is just beginning which maintains that along with the seven major chakras there are twenty five additional majors for a total of thirty two major chakras. For the remainder of this discussion we will focus on the seven traditional major chakras.

The major chakras are located along the spinal column. The chakra appears as a cone of clockwise circling energy (depending on the direction of view). Each chakra has two components, a front section on the front half of the body and a back section on the back half of the body. Inside each chakra are smaller cones. The following picture, borrowed from "Hands of Light. A guide to Healing through the Human Energy Field", by Barbara Ann Brennan, is one of the best visual representations of the chakras that you can find. Each chakra has a front and back component which meet at the center of the spine. The root and crown chakras also have "front and back components" but it is difficult to show on a picture.

Each chakra has a specific function that is tied to a different auric body. The auric body is made up of several layers, one layer for each chakra. Given enough practice, all the various layers can be seen. Listed below are the seven primary chakras and a brief description of their function.

Chakra Location Color Function
Root Base of Spine Red Grounding, physical pleasure
Sacral Belly Button Orange Sexual energy, reproduction
Solar Plexus Beast Bone Yellow stral Travel, Gut Instinct
Heart Heart Green Emotion, dealing with others
Throat (Thyroid) Base of Throat Blue Communication
Third Eye Center of Forehead Indigo "Sight"
Crown Top of head Violet Spiritual Center

The chakras have three main functions in relation to the aura and the auric bodies

(1) Energize each auric body

(2) Develop different aspects of the consciousness

(3) Regulate the flow of energy between the auric layers.

The Auric Layers with respect to each Chakra

The first auric layer is the Etheric layer. The etheric layer is closest to the body and fits nearly like a second skin. It has a definite size and shape. Generally, it extends from 1/4 of an inch to two inches from the body. Lines of energy are readily seen in this section of the aura since it is most closely linked to the physical body. It usually appears to "sight" as a blue or gray light or haze.

The second auric layer is the Emotional body. This layer deals with emotions, emotions with us and emotions we have for other people. The emotional layer is often seen as a swirling mass of energy about the body. The form pretty much approximates the human shape but is not as defined as the etheric layer. In fact, each layer out becomes less and less structured as a physical person.

The third auric layer is the Mental layer. This is the layer of thought and ideas. The layer where concepts are fashioned into reality. It usually is most visible around the head and shoulders as a yellowish light. It is in this layer that thought and ideas actually become substantial.

The fourth auric layer is the Astral layer. The astral layer marks the division between the physical layers and the higher layers. This layer is responsible for interaction between people. It is the layer of love and of relationship. Emotional bonds are formed on this layer.

The fifth auric layer is the Etheric Template. This body is a copy of the physical body on a higher level. It is the "master" copy for the Etheric body to model itself after.

The sixth auric layer is the Celestial body. It is the body of emotional level on the spiritual plane. Through this layer we are able to commune with Spirit. It is the level of unconditional love and trust.

The seventh auric layer is the Ketheric Template, also known as the Causal Body. This is the mental layer of the spiritual level. Through this layer we can become one with the Spirit. Through this layer we can access the akashic records and delve into our past lives. It is the layer of true connectedness to the higher planes.

Each one of the auric layers is governed by a specific chakra but all the chakras exist on all layers. So, since there are seven auric layers, there are a total of 56 chakras manifesting on all seven layers and the physical body. While all of this detail seems overwhelming, it is more for information. When working with the aura most people generally work with the overall aura or energy field as opposed to a specific section. This is not to say that such detail is not needed. People who have mastered the use of the auric layers can accomplish miraculous things. However, this does not mean that the "average" person can not also work and do wonderful things with the aura.

Sensing and Seeing the Aura

To work with the aura you must know that it is there. Being able to feel and see the aura definitely will help when you are working with it, but the first step is knowing that it exists. Most people with the "sight" are able to see the aura to some extent (one large field, multiple fields, etc.). People with very strong sight may see the multiple layers of the aura, the colors given off by each layer, etc. Other people may only be able to sense or feel the aura or see the electrical patterns produced by the aura. All of these different abilities are manifestations of sight.

There are many exercises which can be used to help sense and see the aura. The first exercise is usually given with an introduction to the aura - it is simple to perform, validates that the aura exists and is the first step in auric healing.

Exercise 1 - Feeling the aura

Get a piece of paper and a pen or ready yourself to make mental notes.

Sit in a comfortable position. Hold your hands about 6 inches apart, fingers spread wide open, palms facing each other. Close your eyes. Slowly bring your hands together until they touch. Repeat the exercise a couple of times.

Write down or note any feelings or sensations which you had.

Exercise 2 - Feeling the aura

Repeat exercise 1 but this time bounce your hands together without touching them. That is, bring your hands nearly to touching, move them apart, move them back together and repeat this series of actions.

Exercise 3 - Feeling the aura

Sit in a comfortable position.

Bring your hands within about one inch of each other. Spread the fingers of both hands out straight. Keep your left hand stationary. Slowly move your right hand forward until the index finger passes the pinky finger of your left hand. Slowly move your right hand back until the pinky finer of your right hand passes the thumb of the left hand. Another way to describe this is to imagine that there is a bar between the palms of your hands. Your right hand pivots along the bar.

Record any sensations or feelings which you have.

WAIT! Before reading further, if you wish to try these experiments you should do so now before reading the results which follow. These exercises only take a few moments. If you have already done these exercises before or just want to see the results first then read on ahead.

Exercise 1 results - Feeling the aura

Most people, when they do this exercise for the first time are shocked. Many describe a "force", a "warmth", a "field" around the hands as they bring their hands closer together. To this writer, it feels like trying to bring like poles of a magnet together - the closer they get, the harder they repel each other. With other people, it may take a couple of times to experience this sensation. The sense of touch is a sense as any other and must be developed. It is a skill. Many people who have worked in cloth stores for long periods of time can tell you what material they are feeling without looking. An electrician can often feel electricity flowing through a wire without touching it. A plumber can tell when hot water starts moving through a pipe because of a change in the pitch of the water. Sensing the aura is a skill, an extension of the sense of touch and can be developed!

Exercise 2 results - Feeling the aura

With exercise two, most people will usually feel the auric field must faster and will notice it grow as if they are building a ball of energy. Guess what, that is pretty much what is happened.

Exercise 3 results - Feeling the aura

This exercise produces all sorts of wonderful expressions. As the finger tips pass each other people describe a sensation similar to moving over a bump. With practice your can feel each finger tip passing another finger tip.

Exercises 1-3 are designed to help you validate for yourself that the aura does exists and it can be sensed or felt. These exercises dealt with feeling the aura, an important part in auric healing and diagnosis which we will talk about later.

The next set of exercises will help you in seeing the aura. Please note, it can take a long time to see the aura even using these techniques. I am barely able to see the aura itself after 8 years of practice. Other people see it instantly. It can take time and practice so do not get discouraged if it doesn't happen immediately. Remember, everyone has different talents and seeing the aura may not be one of your stronger ones. But, trust me, if this isn't one then you have others which more than make up for it! I freely admit that I am envious of a friend of mine who has the strongest sight I have every encountered. This man can SEE everything, in full detail down to the stitching on clothes! While I would love to have sight as strong as this I have to keep reminding myself that I have talents in different areas such as healing, item creation, channeling, protection, etc. We all have things that we are good at.

The following exercises are designed to help you learn to see the aura. There are many different exercises available and these are only a few. Remember, if you don't see the aura at first keep trying and try on different occasions.

Exercise 4 - Seeing the aura

This first exercise in seeing must be done while observing a person speaking on a subject they feel very passionate about. It it also very important that the person be on a dark background. Sort of unfocus your eyes and look a little above and behind the person. Pull back and look at the entire form of the person.

Many times, people will see a glow about the person. The dark background helps to set it off. The first time I experienced this I was listening to a person speak on some topic and noticed that she was GLOWING! I looked at a friend of mine and he saw it also.

Exercise 5 - Seeing the aura

This exercise requires another person. Preferably a good friend who will not find it strange your asking to look at them. You will ask them to remember an angry/hurtful experience and a happy/joyful experience.

Have the person stand against a dark background. You can even hang a dark sheet or blanket over a door.

Have the person remember a time when they were violently angry. Ask them to remember that time and relive that emotion. Ask them to describe the scene that they are reliving. Unfocus as you did in exercise 4 and note any observations you make.

Tell the person to let go of the anger and rage, calm back down and relax.

Repeat this exercise asking the person to remember a very happy or joyous occasion.

Before I get trounced for using negative emotion let me explain. Negative emotions are usually the most energetic and easily remembered. If I asked you to remember times when you were in pain or upset, vs times when you were happy, I imagine that the angry or hurt times would be more vivid. The stronger the emotion the brighter the aura becomes. While this would not be a good test to repeatedly do with negative emotion or continue it beyond a couple of minutes at most, the negative emotion has a strong chance of being seen. Once you see the aura the first time your subconscious mind has the "key" to seeing the aura - the trick if you will. The more you practice the easier it becomes. So, using two of the most powerful emotions (anger/hate and love/joy) you have an excellent chance of seeing the aura.

Exercise 6 - Seeing the aura

This exercise involves looking at the energy field of a plant. Take a potted plant and sit it in front of a dark background or place a dark object behind a plant. Unfocus your eyes, look "through" the plant and pull your focus back until you see the entire plant.

In exercises 4-6, different methods for viewing the aura are described. I have chosen to use dark backgrounds for these experiments. It is not a necessity but the contrast between the aura and the darkness often makes the aura easier to see. Some people will disagree with the use of the dark background since it is a crutch and is not useful in seeing the aura. I would have to disagree. The darkness provides a sharp contrast which makes seeing the aura a bit easier and one you have the "trick" down then seeing the aura when you like is much easier.

Now that I know the Aura exists what do I do?

Congratulations on reaching this point. You have read about the history of Western science discovering the aura, you have read about the aura and the seven chakras and gone over exercises to help see and feel the aura. Great! Now what do we do?

This next section covers some of the things which can be done with the aura. The aura can be used for gathering information, making contact with others, protection, attack (if no other options exist), healing, diagnosing illness, changing your life, etc. Some of the topics will be briefly dealt with in this section and some will refer you to other topics. For example, I will give the basics of auric defense here but will also point you to another document which is devoted to protection. Also, healing will be discussed briefly in this section and will refer you to another document which is devoted to healing.

I am first going to discuss the basics of protection using the aura. I consider it imperative that anyone exploring the magickal arts be well versed in protection and know how to defend themselves. We live in a sea of energy and just like a sea on earth there are good things, neutral things and bad things. While you may never encounter something which wishes you harm is it not better to be prepared for such an event? Also, as we start to work with the aura we begin to become more receptive to the energy fields around us. For some this can be very overwhelming - sort of like listening to 100 different radio stations all at the same time. The protection form discussed here will you to shut out that "noise" if you experience it.

Shielding with the Aura

We know that the aura is an energy field around the body. This field is basically an egg shape with our body at the center. The aura is our first and last lines of defense. The auric shielding method which I will describe here forms the basics for most other shielding techniques. Generally, it is the first shielding technique which you learn. It is very effective and can be called instantly with a little practice. I prefer to teach this method while sitting or in a comfortable position. Some people think you should start uncomfortable since this is usually when you will need it. Obviously I disagree. Start off easy, get the basics and then work your way up. You should practice this shielding method until you can see the shield instantly and can maintain it for long periods of time and under various strenuous conditions. DO NOT practice this method while driving a car or operating heaving machinery or using sharp objects! All these things require concentration and you do not want to take concentration from these actions to practice shielding! IT IS DANGEROUS!

(1) Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes

(2) See the energy field which surrounds your body or know that it is there

(3) See the outer edge of the energy field solidify into a hard, impenetrable shield in the shape of an egg

(4) See the egg shape become more solid as you concentrate on it

(5) Know that inside of this sphere or egg shape you are completely safe and protected from all harm.

(6) Hold the image for a few moments or until it just starts to become a strain

(7) See the egg slowly turn translucent and vanish from sight. Know that the egg shield has always been with you, is always with you and is not really gone but only faded from conscious sight and that it can be called back at any time you feel the need.

Do not be surprised if the first few times you try this shielding technique that you tire very easily. You are exercising what I call "magickal muscles". Just like physical muscles, your magickal muscles have to be built up. "We want to pump you up!" Do not push yourself too much when learning this technique. Straining the energy field can have far more serious repercussions than simply straining a muscle group. If the image becomes too hard to maintain, begins to cause your head to hurt then immediately jump to step 7. Do not try to force the image. If you are tired, it is probably best to wait for a while before trying this technique.

You do need to practice this shielding technique until you can instantly see the shield in your mind or about you using the sight. You should practice this under various conditions. DO NOT practice this technique when you are doing something which may be dangerous. Once you know the technique and can all it instantly you can try doing it when you are working on "dangerous" things. However, DO NOT TRY IT WHILE YOU ARE LEARNING! Would you let your teenage child drive in the Indy 500 just after getting their learner's permit? I don't think so. Why not? Well, it would be reckless, stupid and a potentially harmful thing to do. So, if you wouldn't let your kid do something like that then why would you want to? After the child has grown up some, become an experienced driver and attended some high speed driving schools you might change your mind. Does my warning make sense now?

For more information see Magickal Protetcion 101

Balancing and Energizing the Chakras and Aura

To maintain proper health and a healthy aura we need to balance the energy of our chakras at times. With the everyday stress of life our system can get out of alignment and while it usually will eventually return to the normal state we can greatly help it along. The following technique will help you learn to work with your chakras, balance the energy of your body and give you a way to re-energize when feeling low.

Before performing the exercise you need to read it all the way through. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS WHILE OPERATING HEAVY MACHINERY OR DRIVING! Really, you shouldn't attempt any magickal workings while doing something which requires concentration until you have mastered what you are attempting to do. It is possible to become so relaxed you will go to sleep.

ALWAYS CLOSE YOUR CHAKRAS AFTER ENERGIZING! Never leave your chakras wide open. This WILL cause extreme physical distress and illness. It will also cause harm to your energy system. If during this exercise you feel strained then jump to the section on closing down the chakras.

Some people have reported an increase in sexual energy as a result of or while doing this exercise. This is nothing to be alarmed at. The sexual energy, the kundalini energy, is centered in your sacral chakra. If the sacral chakra is blocked then the sexual energy can not flow. This will result in a decrease in sexual drive. However, once the blockage is removed and the flow of energy returned all sorts of fun things can happen. This is not to say that this result will happen in everyone performing this exercise but it is a defnite possibilty.

The technique I will discuss involves the use of colors and flowers in guided visualization. Remember, each chakra has a color associated with it (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet). If you haven't noticed, the chakra colors follow the spectrum and the handy mnemonic Roy G. Biv is especially useful for remembering the order of the colors. The flowers used are just a suggested list and any flower with the same color can be used. I am going to list my favorites.

You should only perform this exercise in a protected area. See the instructions for casting a basic protection circle in the Magickal Protection 101 section.

Root - Red - Rose (Red)

Sacral - Orange - Day lily or Tiger lily

Solar Plexus - Yellow - Daffodil or Buttercup

Heart - Green - fern Leaf

Throat - Blue - Snow Ball (Hydrangea)

Third Eye - Indigo - Pansy

Crown - Violet - Violet


  1. Find a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed
  2. Sit in a comfortable position and relax
  3. Take a deep breath in through your nose, hold it and release it through your mouth
  4. Repeat the deep breathing for several breaths until your breathing is smooth
  5. Releax your entire body starting from the tips of your toes and going to the top of your head
  6. See a bright point of light at the base of your spine. Imagine a root growing from the base of your spine going down into the center of the Earth. Feel the root grow longer and longer until it has reached the very molten core of the Earth.
  7. Feel the warmth of Mother Earth slowly rise up from the center of the Earth and fill the root chakra at the base of your spine. See a beautiful red rose slowly open and blossom from the original point of light from which the root was sent. Feel the energy of the Earth Mother flowing through your legs and lower body. Enjoy the warmth for a few moments and then feel the energy slowly work its way up your spine.
  8. Feel the energy flow into the sacral chakra at your belly button and see an orange Tiger lily slowly open and come into full bloom. Feel the warmth of the Earth spread through your middle section and warm your tummy. Enjoy the warmth for a few moments and then feel the energy slowly work its way again up the spine.
  9. Feel the energy flow into your solar plexus located just below the lower tip of your breastbone and see a yellow Daffodil open into full and glorious bloom basking in the warmth of the sun. Feel the warmth of the Mother flow through your chest warming your insides. Revel in the warmth for a few moments and then feel the energy slowly work its way up the spine again.
  10. Feel the energy flow into your heart chakra located right above your heart along the spine. See a fern leaf slowly open as if saying "Hello" to the morning sun. Feel the leaf grow and become strong. Let the energy of Mother Earth flow through your heart filling it with perfect love. Let the warmth spread across your upper chest and back, let it flow down your arms and into your fingertips. Relax in the warmth for a few moments and then feel the energy move along the spine again.
  11. Feel the energy flow into the throat chakra located at the base of your throat. See a blue snowball slowly open and grow bigger. See the delicate lacey edge of each blossom radiate with energy. Let the warmth and energy of Mother Earth fill your throat and spread down through your body. Relax in the warmth for a few minutes and then feel the energy move along your spine again.
  12. Feel the energy of the Earth flowing up, up into your third eye chakra at the center of your forehead. See a wonderful pansy open into full bloom. Feel the energy flow through your head, down your checks, around your lips and all across your face. Relax in the warmth and energy for a few moments before the energy flows up one last time.
  13. Feel the energy from the Earth rise up to you crown chakra at the top of your head. See a beautiful violet open up, growing larger and larger until it is in full bloom. Feel the energy of the Earth flowing through your body filling you with energy.
  14. See a beam of light radiate from the top of your head and travel to the sun. Ask the sun to fill you with the light of the universe. See a large column of light come down from the sun, out of the heavens and surround your body. Feel the energy flowing through you, illuminating every fibre of your being.
  15. Let the energy of Mother Earth and Father Sky flow through your body. Feel the energy running up the spine from the root chakra all the way to the crown chakra. Feel the energy race back down the spine to the root. Feel the ebb and flow, the cycle of life. Let the energy of LOVE fill your body.
  16. Allow the energy to fill your body until you feel completely energized. When you are full, you must begin to shut down the process. If at any time during the remainder of these steps you fall asleep know that your mind will continue with the steps until all of your chakras are closed.
  17. Look up and see the column of light from the heavens receding, traveling back to the sun, back to the universe. Send a small burst of energy with your thanks and gratitude along the line. Feel the line that you sent into the sun slowly return to your body, to your crown chakra. See the violet flower slowly close, close back to a little bud all filled with energy. Wait for a few moments.
  18. Feel the energy flow down into your third eye and see the pansy which opened slowly close up for the day, close back to a small flower, a little bud. Wait for a few moments.
  19. Feel the energy flow down into your throat chara and see the blue snowball slowly close, close back up into a tight bud. Wait for a few moments.
  20. Feel the energy flow down along your spine back to your heart chakra. See the green fern leaf slowly close all its little leaves. See the fern leaf close up for the evening. Wait a few moments.
  21. Feel the energy flow down your spine into your solar plexus and see the yellow daffodil at the center of your chest slowly close and return to a small little bud. Wait a few moments.
  22. Feel the energy flow down your spine into your sacral chakra and see the orange Tiger lily slowly close for the day back down into a little bud, filled with energy. Wait for a few moments.
  23. Feel the energy flow down again to the red rose at the base of your spine, your root chakra. See the rose slowly close, close into a small and tight bud. Wait for a few moments.
  24. Send a pack of energy with your thanks back to Mother Earth and let her know how much you appreciate the energy she has given you. Slowly draw the root that you originaly sent down into the Earth back up through the ground and into your root chakra. See the bright point of light slowly fade. Know that the energy is still in your body and you are in perfect balance. Know that the chakras have not shut down but have only returned to their natural operating state. Remain in this relaxed state for a few more moments.
  25. Take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Tap your right index finger once. Wait for a few moments. Take another deep breath and tap your left index finger once. Wait for a few moments. Take another deep breath and tap both of your index fingers three times. Wait for a moment. Take another deep breath, slowly open your eyes and return to full consciousness as you exhale.

Always remember to close your chakras after you open them. When you open your chakras you open yourself to all sorts of signals in the energy field around you. You have basically turned on a faucet all the way except that energy flows both directions out of this faucet. Unless closed, you will have no control over your energy floor and you will damage the membrane which covers each chakra. The membrane acts like a filter to keep out excess background signals. Without the membrane you will experience physical and mental pain.

During the exercise I often say, "Wait a few moments." This is no specific amount of time. It may be 5, 10, 15 seconds or more. Wait for an amount of time with which you are comfortable. While you are closing, be sure not to close too fast (unless you are in pain). Closing too fast can result in the "Crashing" feeling you get when you are woken suddenly from a sound sleep. You could be very disoriented for a while. Take a moment between the closing of each chakra to relax and just be.

It is often helpful to have some relaxing music playing in the background. I prefer to listen to a new age group called, "Cusco". However, use whatever music or sounds you are comfortable with. Nature sounds are always excellent. If you are truely relaxed by heavy metal then play heavy metal at a comfortable level which is not too distracting. Hey, even heavy metal fans can balance their chakras, OK?

You can use incense to help put you into a relaxed state. You can also use crystals attuned to each chakra to aid in the balancing process. The Mystic Gryphon carries the "Chakra Balancing Kit", a hand made set of bean bags, each containing a crystal specially attuned to each chakra. The kit is excellent for balancing and energizing work and also very useful in auric healing. Check out the various hand made items available through The Mystic Gryphon by clicking here.

Gathering Information

The aura is constantly sending our feelers, tendrils of energy, which interact with other energy fields. Information is returned along these tendrils and processed. Have you ever taken an instant dislike to someone when you have only just met them? How about instantly knowing that a person was someone you would like to know? Both of these experiences are connected to the aura. In each case, a tendril of energy was sent to investigate the person that you were coming in contact with. The information was gathered and an opinion, subconsciously, was formed. The information gathered through auric tendrils is not limited to meeting people. Ever know when a friend is calling before picking up the phone? Know when a friend or loved on is in trouble? Relationships of all types form auric bonds between people. Strong bonds allow greater amounts of information to travel over the link.

The aura usually extends anywhere from 1 foot to 10 feet out from the body. The larger the aura, the more information can be gathered before encountering people. Note, the larger your aura, the easier it is for people to detect you. You can use your aura to see what is on the other side of a door or a wall.

(1) See your aura as the egg shape surrounding your body

(2) Slowly see your aura expand, growing larger until the edges move outside of the room you are in

(3) Wait and see what interacts with your aura

(4) When finished, see your aura shrink to normal size.

With practice you can literally see what is in another room, on another floor or a building, etc. The sight in this cases pulls in another skill called remote viewing but being able to sense with the aura is just as common. Of course, it helps to know the person that enters your field but given practice you could even scan names off of people entering your field although this is not the most ethical thing to do (scanning names, etc. without permission).

You can use the same technique in reverse to hide yourself. Instead of expanding your aura make it shrink until it is skin tight and then put out the message that, "There is no body here, there is nothing worth looking at here". This technique works. You can easily loose yourself in a crowd and given practice you can even walk past someone looking for you and they will not see you. Please note, this last example takes a lot of practice and concentration. Sometimes you just want not to be noticed or just don't want to talk to someone.

Pushing People and Objects with your Aura

This is more of a parlor trick but could be developed into a useful tool or even as a weapon. This requires two people. Have a person stand in front of you in a relaxed position. Stand about 3 feet from them. Extend your arms and feel your auric field. Push the field out until it touches the other person and then push a little harder. Immediately pull your field back in, taking them with it. Physically, it helps if you do a little rocking motion. Repeat these steps - it is similar to pushing someone on a swing. Extend your aura, push against them, pull your aura back and pull back against them. After a few moments the person will begin to sway back in forth in time to your pushes and pulls.

The first time I did this I was giving a lecture on the aura. A friend had told me of this technique but I had not tried it. I got some wild haired idea to try it and asked for a volunteer. This one gentleman volunteered to assist in the demonstration. We were turned with our right sides to the audience. After a few moments there were little gasps, a few moments more and the gentleman stumbles forward and yelps asking what the @#$% I had just done to him. He came to that meeting a skeptic and has remained ever since (now a believer).

Please note, it takes a good deal of energy to push someone. Also, if the person is normally very grounded it will be very difficult to move them. And, pushing people without permission is not very nice. The technique of pushing people can be applied to moving objects. All objects have energy fields. Rocks have energy fields. Moving objects takes a lot more work but it is possible.

Auric Flare (An offensive defense)

It is possible that during your magickal journeys you will encounter various types of negative entities. The most common, and weakest, is a type I term the shadow creature. They hide in the shadows and feed off of negative energy. The only thing that they can do is to scare people. They make the person scared, the person radiates fear, they eat it up and call friends. The creatures are attracted by negative energy and generally can be found where negativity has been allowed to build up. Beware, low income neighborhoods with high crime rates are a feasting ground for these things. The people living there already have worries, the creatures feed these worries, produce more fear and violent reactions creating even more negative energy. Nasty cycle isn't it. The good thing about these little creatures is they are very easy to dispel.

These little nasties can be dispelled by turning on a light, speaking in a loud voice, shutting a door, facing them, etc. You can also use a technique that I call the auric flare. The auric flare is also useful against more powerful negative creatures. And, done correctly and with enough energy can be manifested in the visibile spectrum. However, manifesting the flare in the visible spectrum is very difficult and will wipe you out.

To auric flare you basically visualize yourself as a flashcube. Remember flashbulbs and flash cubes? For an instant they become brilliantly bright. You duplicate the same effect with your aura. You see your aura, gather your energy and release it in a bright flash of pure white light. This will drive away most shadow based creatures you might ever encounter and will make others think twice before bothering you again.

Changing your Life

This form or working with the aura basically involves changing different things about your energy field. For example, if you are a very temperamental person you can change yourself to be a very calm person. Basically, this technique requires that you examine an aspect in your life that you wish to change and then slowly work on the chakra or auric body with governs that area. This application of the aura is also aided with a firm understanding of Hermetic Philosophy. Let's assume that you wish to change your physical appearance, perhaps lose some weight. You could work on this problem from several different aspects. The weight problem could be an imbalance in the energy (possible Sacral, Solar Plexus or Heart chakras), it could be an imbalance in one of the auric layers, it could be that the Etheric Body or the Etheric Template could need shaping. If you rule out a physical problem then concentrate on the Etheric Template - perhaps the template shows that you are supposed to be heavy. Perhaps the Etheric layer is misreading the instructions. Of course, these possibilities are not meant to be all inclusive or cover all possibilities of weight problems. These are some possible things to examine. It is possible that the weight problem is the result of something from a past life. If so, that requires other techniques which indirectly use the Astral, Celestial and Ketheric layers. The problem could be completely physical. I have only suggested some possibilities.

Part of magickal tradition believes that "As above, so below and as below so above". Pretty much, what happens in the microcosm happens in the macrocosm and vice versa, the difference is in scale. If you make a change in the energy field it will manifest in the physical and if you make a change on the physical it will manifest on the spiritual or auric. This idea leads us to the last topic of conversation, Healing.

Auric Healing

Before I start, let me state that this is only a brief introduction to auric healing. "Lip Service" might be more appropriate. This section will give a person the bare basics of auric healing. Healing is the correction of energy imbalances. All disease eventually resolves to an energy imbalance. If the energy imbalance is corrected the physical form will eventually return to normal.

You must keep in mind that you must have permission from the person being healed before doing any work. Healing, without permission, is an interference of free will and is wrong, PERIOD! Even if healing the person is a good thing, without permission it is WRONG! There are some gray exceptions to this - person is unconscious and dying, you have permission from a legal guardian (especially for children), etc. This is not a paper on ethics, the gray areas must be explored by the individual.

Also, when healing, there is a time to stop and back away. There is a time not to heal. Everyone dies, it is a fact of life, it is part of the cycle, the ebb and flow of nature. There are times when performing a healing would only prolong misery and suffering. Sure, an experienced healer could keep a person alive who would normally die, just like an array of machines can do, but what would the quality of life for the individual be? Is it justifiable to cure an illness so that the person can live to endure another two or three before dying? At some point, the human body wears out. This is a very hard fact to accept. Even with warning it is not an easy concept. I have experienced this personally with a loved one and had to counsel a friend during the end of a person's life.

Healing takes energy. The energy has to come from within you or from outside of you. Most healing is done with energy from outside of you but it still takes some of your energy. There is a point where you do not want to give of yourself any more because you have no more to give. Always keep an eye on your own energy level when healing. When you are weak, it is much easier for what you remove from someone else to jump onto you. If you are already exhausted it makes it that much easier for you to catch something.

Scared yet? You should be thinking at this point. I don't want to mean that healing is wrong or bad or harmful but there are things that you must consider before and while doing healing work. These are some of the big ones. Now, let's talk about healing.

In auric healing, energy blockages or disturbances are removed from the body and the voids are filled with pure energy or with specific colors of energy. The application of color to healing is called chromotherapy and that is an entirely different but related topic. You can also use crystals to assist in healing which is crystallography. Scents and aromas can be used and this is aromatherapy. Auric healing is only one approach to healing. In truth, it is usually common to combine various healing techniques.

READ THIS! Auric healing, energy healing of any form, other forms of healing are not meant to replace a doctor or professional treatment - these forms of healing are meant to work in conjunction with conventional medicine or as a preventative measure. Unless you are a licensed physician, diploma and all, you are not qualified to diagnose and give people treatments. Legally, you can set yourself up for a lot of trouble if you claim otherwise. Again, these methods are to be used in conjunction with modern medicine. Modern medicine tends to treat the symptoms where these techniques work at the root of the problem.

It is believed by many healers that before a disease manifests on the physical (or an ailment) that it first manifests on the spiritual or on the aura. While a disease is still non-physical it is much easier to treat. Personally, I agree with this mostly. For example, parasitic infections and viral infections require a physical host to work in the body. Therefore, I believe that some things can strike the physical form first. Note, this is my opinion and many people do not agree with it. You must study MORE, do more research and then form your own opinion.

The first step in auric healing is to sense where there is an energy disturbance or imbalance. Remember the exercises to feel the aura? Well, this is a practical application of those exercises. Energy blockages, imbalances, negativity, will have a different feel than positive energy. Most people describe the sensation of hitting a bad spot as "icky", "cold", "slimy", "nasty", and just about any other way you can describe something as feeling bad. It helps if you can feel these negative spots on someone with a known illness or ailment. With practice, you can identify ailments by energy pattern alone.

To begin, you need to scan the individual. Relax. Move your hands over the person's body without touching them. Note where things do not feel just right or feel down right wrong. Scan the entire body. It is possible that you will get information from outside sources while scanning about the nature of the problem. It is also possible that you will sense the root of several smaller spots. In short, scan the individual looking for negative spots or where the energy does not flow correctly. (If you are scanning the person and hit a spot where energy doesn't flow right you will feel it and you may also see a physical reaction in yourself or the person getting the healing.)

Please note, when doing energy healing, except "Laying on of Hands" avoid touchnig the person wiithout permission, advanced warning, etc. Also, be very conscious of hitting the "private" areas of patients. You do not need to touch a person to do auric healing.

Once the energy disturbances are found, you begin removing the bad spots and filling the holes with positive energy. To remove a spot, close your hand (physical and auric) around the energy disturbance and gently pull it off the person being healed. Next, "throw" that bad energy down into the Earth. The Earth will cleanse and revitalize the negativity, turning it into positive energy. Make sure that you do NOT throw icky stuff on people or animals. If throwing through floors, make sure that you send it all the way down into the ground. If you are healing in a group of people make sure you know where you are throwing stuff.

So, you grasp an imbalance, pull it off and cast it into the Earth. You may need to repeat this several times on a spot depending on how rooted it is in the physical. Also, be sure to completely pull it off because it can rebound. When I was first learning how to do auric healing I was working alone and off of instinct with one book for guidance. I was put in a situation where I encountered gangrene. Let me tell you, gangrene is a very difficult illness to handle. I attempted to push a large blockage off of the person I was working on - amazingly enough I moved it off the body. However, when I quit pushing the energy that I had removed rebounded on the person - when the negative energy hit, the person spasmed and jerked experiencing pain. I knew at that point I couldn't work against the disease in that fashion at my level of ability and so I worked on strengthening the immune system and energizing the person. (The person was my grandfather and while he did eventually lose a part of a leg from the illness I am sure that had I not done anything he would not have survived the operation. He was "transparent" before I started working on him, he had barely enough energy to keep his body going let alone fight the illness.)

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Once you have cleaned out an area it is time to fill it with positive energy. If you are not familiar with chromotherapy it is best to stick with pure white light. White light is really all the colors combined into one. If a person needs a particular color they will absorb the colors they need and leave the rest. To fill an area, visualize pure white light pouring out of your hand into the area that you have just cleaned. Continue to add energy until it is "full". You will sense when the area has absorbed enough energy. Trust your instincts and if the person is conscious then follow what they say. Too much energy might result in an "ouch", "that's hot" or some other reaction. Most people report either a warm or soothing sensation in an area which is getting healed.

That is it on auric healing. Remember to breathe and to pull energy in from the universe or the divine depending on how you wish to term it. Find the bad spots on the person, remove the negativity and fill the area with pure energy. Repeat the process until you cover all the trouble spots. It is possible that it will take multiple sessions to clear up problems.

Unless you have no other choice, do not try to heal people while you are sick. You can project your illness onto them. You can pick up illness from the other person when you are weak. This is especially true when you are just beginning to learn how to do auric healing. More experienced healers can heal while sick if they have to but there is a tremendous price in doing so - it takes lots more effort to heal another while you are sick and you must work harder not to let anything jump onto you. I can hear some of the more experienced healers snickering while reading this. Yes, it is very hard to refuse to help someone when they need help and ask. I absolutely detest having to say no but there have been several occasions where I was sick, or drained, or both and people asked for healing. Remember, healing when you are ill can cause more harm than good to the person getting healed and it can cause you serious trouble. Hey, even doctors take time off when they get sick, so can an auric healer! As the old saying goes, "Physician, heal thyself!" If you don't take care of yourself then you sure won't be able to take care of others!

If you are really interested in becoming profficient at various types of energy healing it is best to work with a skilled person who knows what they are doing. You can learn on your own through trial and error but having a teacher available makes it so much easier.

Psychic Squeegee

The last topic that I want to mention is a technique for removing large amounts of negativity from the aura. The technique is a large application of spot removal and was given the name by a friend of mine after she experienced it.

With the psychic squeegee, hold your hands above the head of the person with your thumbs and forefingers touching so that your hands form a circle. Visualize a film of strong white light appear in the circle. Slowly move your hands out until you get a "hoop" of this material. Now, slowly press the hoop down over the person. As the person's hair or head hits the film, see it pass through - but only the positive energy. The negative energy is pushed down the body. You will need to open your hands wide and increase your visualized hoop so that you can push it all the way down to the feet. Once you get to the feet and your hands touching the ground, ask the person to step out of the circle and then push the negativity down into the Earth.

I have not read of the squeegee technique being described anywhere else but I know that others must have thought of and done it. I first used the technique on a person who had chronic fatigue syndrome (cfs). CFS is a real disease and it is a hard one to work with! I hurt the feelings of four people who were just learning healing when I first worked on CFS by telling them in a not so nice voice to get away and not to touch the subject. After five experienced healers worked for fortyfive minutes on this person the "new" healers were called over and they could barely stand to come in contact with her energy field. This was after we had healed for all that time and she still felt "ICKY" to them. Trust me when I say that CFS is a difficult illness to work with. Anyway, I first used the squeegee technique on her because there was SO much negativity. The five of us pulled stuff off for a good five minutes before I squeegeed her and there was no end in sight. Basically, the squeegee provides a quick and effective method for doing a total auric cleansing.

When using this technique you may find it helpful to do two or three passes over a person. Please be aware, this technique takes a lot of energy out of you. You must visually maintain the film and keep it from breaking. You must phase the person through the film. I pioneered the technique, have used it frequently and am very tired after three passes. Of course, I am not the best at pulling in energy from the outside in a smooth and steady flow. However, the other people I have taught this technique to also get very drained by it.

I have worked in tandem with another person to do this technique. Working with another healer requires a certain amount of trust, a certain level of ability on your parts and the ability to work together. The people who have formed the squeegee with me have been accomplished healers and we have worked magick together for many years. I am not saying that this is the only way that you work together but it is one way. BTW, the people that I have squeegeed with have been my high priest and priestess, my husband and one other coven member. We all know each other very well and have worked together manipulating energy for enough time that we know how each other works. To squeegee together, you touch fingertips of both hands, you both visualize the film and once the film is set you push down the person together. It is best if one of the healers takes the "lead" in this action. A second person more than halves the stress of doing a psychic squeegee. In fact, the first time I tried it, I was exhausted (physically and emotionally) and was drained, I had been driving all day and then attended a healing circle. I had worked on four people and was working on my high priestess who had some serious energy problems. I got partially through the first pass, nearly lost it but forced my way through to the ground. I called her husband over who is also the high priest. I explained what I needed him to do, we joined energy and completed the squeegee effect two more times to leave her "squeaky clean". Once her energy field was cleared it was a simple matter to fill in the empty spots with pure energy.

Yes, you heard me state that I violated half of the things that I have said not to do. Please keep in mind that I am now going on my 15th year of healing work as I write this paper in 1997. I have been doing lots of healing work for the past five years. In short, I have a good deal of experience. Not as much as I need or would like but still a good deal. I don't think that you ever have enough experience or knowledge when healing - you are always learning and always getting better. I would be tickled pink if someone reading this paper were to revise the squeegee technique so that it was more efficient and did not take so much energy. (New people, this is not a challenge, however, any experienced healers reading this with any thoughts on the subject please contact me if you would be so kind.)

Well, there you have a basic introduction to the Aura, the Chakras, the human energy field and some of the things which can be done with it. This paper barely scratches the surface of this topic. As I am writing I am passing 16 single spaced pages without pictures. This is by no means complete! Read more! Do Research! Formulate your own theories and techniques! This is just a starting point for some, a refresher for others and perhaps a different way of looking at something for still others who read this. Good luck and please be careful when working with the energy field. As with any magickal working follow the Rede, remember not to interfere with he free will of another and watch out for yourself (especially in auric healing).


The following are excellent books which deal with the subject of the aura. Most of these are available through any major bookstore. I am also going to include some comments on these references. Hey, this is not an English class and I don't have to follow the AMA style!

Hands of Light. A guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field, Barbara Ann Brennan, Bantam Publishers, 1987, New York, ISBN 0-553-34539-7

If you want to learn about auric healing then this is THE book to get. Barbara Brennan provides and invaluable wealth of information in her books on healing. She has done tremendous work to get auric healing recognized in the medical profession. If you could only buy one book on healing then this would be the one!

New Chakra Healing, The Revolutionary 32-Center Energy System, Cyndi Dale, Llewellyn Publishing, 1996, St. Paul MN, ISBN 1-56718-200-3

This is a very good book if you are an experienced healer and have an open mind. While I did not discuss the 32 chakra system the book provides a good bit of interesting information on the subject. I think that this is a revolutionary approach to the aura and energy system. It is definitely worth taking a look at.

Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft, Raymond Buckland, Llewellyn Publishing, St. Paul MN, 1975, ISBN 0-87542-050-8

Ok, everyone references Buckland's book. Actually, he does give a very good if brief introduction to auric healing in his book. While it is a brief introduction it does give some very valuable information.

How to See and Read the Aura, Ted Andrews, Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul MN, 1994, ISBN 0-87542-013-3

Don't let the size or cost of Ted Andrews' books fool you. He has an entire selection of "pocket size" books which run under $5.00. The first time I saw one of his books I thought it was a joke. Really, how much can you get these days for $5.00? Boy, was I shocked! These little books are packed with information and are much better then some $30.00 books I have bought on the same subject. This little book discusses the aura, gives exercises for seeing the aura, teaches what different shapes and colors mean. It is an excellent book! You can't beat the price and would be hard pressed to beat the information even at higher prices.

These are just a few of the books that I have read on the subject and the few that I could easily lay my hands on while writing this paper. Please see the Pagan Reading List for other books on the subject. This is just a very slim choice of what is available. I consider these books to be extremely informative and very good sources of information.