Coat Hanger Christmas Trees
List of Materials
6 Wire Coat Hangers
2 Craft Pipe Cleaners
1 String of 100 Miniature Lights
2 Garlands 12 to 15 Feet Long
Hot Glue Gun with ample supply of Glue Sticks
Assembly Instructions
To begin assembly you will use 2 of the 6 coat hangers and cut 3 pieces of the pipe cleaners into 2 1/2 inch pieces.  Place the hangers in position as seen in the picture to the right and attach at 3 locations.  You will make 2 more of these in the same manner.
After assembling the 3 main pieces you will insert the leg of the 2nd and 3rd through the middle to form the tree frame.  You can make minor adjustments to align the frame by bending either the outer leg or the center area where the 3 pieces meet.
This is what the main frame will look like after assembly and alignment.