The Jonny Quest line was abruptly cancelled in 1997. Several announced items pictured in the product catalog never made it to market in the United States. However, some (possibly all) of them did find release in overseas markets, such as the Cyber Charger toy with Jessie, which was located at retail in South Africa.

My thanks to Bret Harris for providing me with a copy of the 1997 Galoob Product Catalog, which contained most of these images.

Dino Trakker Jonny Quest & Nuke Control Dr. Quest

Mr. Vice President Alien & Wild River Jonny Quest

Renegade Ezekial Rage & Explosive Unit Race

Safari Stryker Hadji & Deep Sea Race
(Unused alternate colors)

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Questworld Shadow Slayer
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Cyber Charger Jessie
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Cyber Light Racer
"Speed machine with light-pulsing engine. Features detachable cyber shield
and cannon, spring-fired missile, opening canopy and more."

Cyber Rex Surd

Cyber Scorpion Jonny Quest

Questworld Cyber Gyroblade
"Chopper bug lights up for virtual action. Features removable gyro pack,
spinning roto blades, spring-fired missiles, pivoting guns and more."


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