Richard Grossman, Ph.D.


  Brookline, Massachusetts


        Professional Services:

Psychotherapy/counseling for individuals and couples addressing  marital/relationship difficulties, poor relationship choices, problems with closeness and intimacy, depression, anxiety, and general life dissatisfaction. 

Supervision and consultation for psychotherapists.




Between 1980 and 1987, Dr. Richard Grossman taught and supervised in the internship and postdoctoral psychotherapy programs at Massachusetts General Hospital/ Harvard Medical School where he was on staff.  Since 1985 he has maintained a private practice in Brookline, Massachusetts, specializing in adult psychotherapy and couples counseling.   Dr. Grossman writes:

"My main task is not to 'fix' you, but to 'find' you:  the 'you' that existed before the pain of life, especially unfulfilled relationships with family and significant others, forced you to put up barriers, to limit people’s access, or to choose people who could make little or no contact.  I am here to rediscover your unique, original  self, to understand the compromises made to protect this self for the sake of emotional survival, and to encourage relationships where these compromises are no longer necessary.  In my essay site: 'Voicelessness and Emotional Survival' (see below), I describe my philosophy:  at the root of much emotional suffering is a core self, unseen, unheard, and unloved, a condition I call "voicelessness."    Voicelessness leaves people in a bind--they desperately need to find their place in the world, yet their experience with significant others tells them this is impossible.  Often they spend a lifetime trying to compensate using relationships, career, and other strivings.  But feelings of dread, shame, and despair, all symptoms of voicelessness, linger, especially when faced with failure or loss.  Solving the problem of voicelessness requires a therapeutic relationship where one's core self, human and imperfect, is finally seen, heard, and valued.  This is my goal."    




Voicelessness and Emotional Survival


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