Anima Dance


Director: Laurence Rawlins

It is the soul's restlessness with the body from which dances are born. It is an expression of the soul's need to seek flight in an earth bound prison. In this body all the experiences of life are recorded in the soul/body. We must go to the soul level, the place between shadow and light, and the point between inhalation and exhalation. Here we find a place of release, and expression for the soul's discomfort.

Butoh known as the "the dance of darkness" is the realm where this meeting can take place. Anima Dance Theatre is a Post-Butoh dance company that explores an art form between dance and theatre. When butoh unleashed its powerful artistic vision on the west, modern dance had to change. How could it not? We say “Post-Butoh" because this is after butoh. The dance company is a hybrid of butoh and modern dance.

 “Mr. Rawlins a powerful dancer with a commanding stage presence...His style blended modern dance with the experimental and often grotesque Butoh of Japan... “The New York Times

Anima Dance Theatre is located in New York City.

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