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Download the current version (2.2.1)

The MODFLOW Help File consists of several linked html documents. It has a table of contents, glossary, brief MODFLOW tutorial, MODFLOW reference guide, a list of online MODFLOW resources vendors and examples of MODFLOW input files. The internet resources page of the MODFLOW help file is available separately.

The help files explains the formatting of input files for nearly all the public-domain MODFLOW packages.

Because the original MODFLOW documentation was produced over a period of years by a variety of authors, certain crucial formatting issues can be difficult to locate in the original documentation. For example, in the original documentation, it is stated that the variable IAPART should be 0 unless the instructions for another package say otherwise. One later package now does require that IAPART be set to 1 under certain circumstances. Another example is the use of the IBOUND array to designate inactive cells. Under certain circumstances, one of the later packages can cause cells that were originally designated as inactive can convert to active cells in a way that might not be anticipated. By the use of cross links in the MODFLOW Help File, you can more easily track down such obscure formatting issues.

To use the help file, you will need to download the files to your local machine and access them there. All the files are compressed into a single file to simplify the transfer. Several compressed formats are available. Only the files in the base directory need to be uncompressed. Other files are example input files.

Registered users should be careful not to overwrite the file "mfh_reg.jpg" with the version in the compressed file. The MODFLOW input files take up a good bit of space so you might wish to keep them compacted until you wish to use them. Use your web browser to access the file mfhelp.htm (the table of contents). From there on, everything should be self-explanatory. Another good starting point would be either mfh_quif.htm (If you can view Netscape frames) or mfh_quik.htm (if you can't). In Windows, at least, it is easy to create an icon for the MODFLOW Help File. Open the File Manager and under the File menu, choose Associate. Then use the BROWSE button to choose your web browser. Then go to the Program Manager. Under the File menu select New and then New Program Item. Use the Browse button to select the file mfhelp.htm. In the blank for "Description", type "The Modflow Help File" or some other phrase. You can ignore "Working Directory" and "Shortcut Key"

I presume that all Windows users know how to use PKZIP or WinZip to unzip .zip files and that UNIX users know how to use the commands "gunzip mfh221.tar.gz" and "tar xvf mfh221.tar" to unpack tar.gz files. Gzip is available from in the unlikely event that your system doesn't already have it.

The MODFLOW help file is shareware with a $25 registration fee. Any proceeds will be used as described in the help file. Registered users can get free updates as they become available.

You can view the help file with any WWW browser. If you want to look at them on a computer without an Internet connection, you can use a preview program such as FlexView. You can also just try out your web browser and see what happens.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

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