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1997 Richard B. Winston

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Subject: Re: Groundwater modeling environments
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Hello all:

Just to comment on one item by Ms. Hardy in her email subject "Groundwater modeling environments". In her last sentence she says: "We feel it is the best support offered."

Here is what one of Argus many users has to say about the Argus tech support:

ARGUS Interware provides ABSOLUTELY THE BEST technical support of ANY software producer we have ever dealt with! When we began building a salt water intrusion-groundwater flow model for Guam's principal aquifer two years ago, we encountered several esoteric problems for configuring the mesh for the aquifer's unique boundary conditions and hydrogeologic features. We also faced some daunting problems in exporting the complex mesh we ultimately produced into formats our GIS system could efficiently exploit. Though such tasks are typically very arduous and time-consuming, the ARGUS tech support staff took personal interest in the success of our project-it was like they were (and still are!) part of our team! By their close attention to our problems and consistent 24-hour-or-less responses to our questions, they saved us MONTHS of work! Coupled with the efficiency and time-saving attributes of the software itself, we have accomplished over the last year a volume work that would surely have taken at least five times as long without their software and services-if we could have done it all! These folks are the best in the business!

John Jenson, Assoc. Prof., hydrogeology
John Jocson, Graduate Research Asst.
Water and Energy Research Institute of the Western Pacific
University of Guam

Also I would like to take this opportunity to point out that once you have a copy of ArgusONE you can use it with many different models. Some of these models include:

- Modflow Interface and executable (Free of charge from the USGS)
- SUTRA Interface and executable (Free of charge from the USGS)
- MOC3D Interface and executable (Free of charge from the USGS)
- PTC Interface (Free of charge from our Web site, for executable, call Dr. Pinder from UVM)
- DNAPL Interface (Free of charge from our Web site, for executable, call Dr. Pinder from UVM)
- MODELP Interface (Free of charge from our Web site, for executable, call Dr. Pinder from UVM)
- HST3D Interface and executable from Optimod (visit our web site for prices)

Moreover you can interface any code yourself as the Dr. Jenson did his own code and hunders of other Argus users are doing for the past two years.

Joshua Margolin

Argus Interware, Inc.

11 Merit Lane
Jericho, N.Y. 11753

Phone: (516) 931-4725
Fax: (516) 942-5040

Developing and Marketing the Argus Open Numerical Environments (ArgusONE) - An Integrated Numerical Pre- and Post-Processor for all the models you're using and developing.

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1997, Richard B. Winston,
Dept. of Geology and Geophysics
Louisiana State University
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