Lily and Richard's Wedding

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The honor of your presence is requested at the marriage of
Lily Fountain
Richard B. Winston
Saturday, the seventeenth of June
Two thousand
At five o'clock in the afternoon
Adelphi Mill
8402 Riggs Road
Adelphi, Maryland

The Exchange of Rocks

The wedding will be followed by a potluck supper and contra dance. Children are welcome; there will be a children's corner and babysitters provided. Please feel free to wear comfortable clothes and shoes for more fun during dancing. Non-scuffing, low-heeled shoes will protect the Mill's floors.

Contra dance is a traditional American form of folk dancing in which two lines of people are facing each other (hence contra; nothing to do with Nicaraguan rebels). The Virginia Reel is similar to a contra dance. There is no fancy footwork involved; if you can walk, you can contra dance. Each dance is taught prior to being danced. During the dance, the caller continues to provide prompts as long as needed. The music has its roots in New England and Appalachian folk music and traditional Irish, English, and Scottish fiddle music.

Contra dance is an active, joyful form of dance. We met at a contra dance and we look forward to sharing this important part of our lives with our family and friends.



Washington Beltway 495, Exit 25B (Route 1, toward College Park). Right on route 193 (University Blvd. toward Byrd Stadium). Follow road past Adelphi Road and turn right onto Riggs Road. Go approximately 1 mile and the Mill will be on the left.

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