Ever wonder if Kelson Haldane was descended from Camber of Culdi? Or if Kelson Haldane and Wencit Furstan were related? How about who may or may not be Deryni? Herein lie the answers....

The following pages contain the genealogies of the XI Kingdoms of the Deryni Universe based, for the most part, on the descriptions found in the Codex Derynianus by Rob Reginald and Katherine Kurtz. In the course of compiling these genealogies, I've also tried to track the Deryniness of the different noble houses.

(*) means the person is Deryni. It designates individuals who are described as Deryni in the novels as well as families who are said to be consistantly Deryni in either the novels or the Codex. (i.e. Jehana is said to be of pure Deryni lineage in High Deryni, so I have designated both her mother's and her father's lines as Deryni.)

/Faucon/ means I have attached the person named between the slashes (i.e. Faucon) to the people I believe to be her/his parents, based on clues in the Codex. These are my educated guesses and, thus, may not be 100 percent correct.

There has been some generational fudging where the number of generations between family members is unspecified in the Codex. In such cases the formula of thiry years equals one generation was used. Also some of the problems that have been discussed on the newsgroup, alt.books.deryni, and the solutions posted by Rob Reginald on said group are included here (warning, there are still problems with the McLains; follow the link below for details). There are some date discrepencies in the Codex between some main entries and the Chronology section. For the most part I stayed with the date in the main entry, unless logic made that impossible. If you wish to see a complete list of all the errata I found in the Codex there is a link below. And finally, there are no King Kelson's Bride spoilers in the charts. All new genealogical information from the novel will be added at a later date.

The genealogy trees found on this site are pedigree charts and not descent trees. However listed on the left side of the page are the children of the primary person whose pedigree chart you are viewing, so you can follow the charts in either direction.

Peeps and chocolate to Carolyn Shilts, Susan Farmer, Jonathan Glanz, Linda Richardson, Matt Cushing, Linda Stuckenschneider-Epstein and Artemis Oakgrove for their various advice and/or input. Thanks Carolyn for also making several backgrounds for me and Jonathan for letting me use his computer when mine wasn't up to the task.

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